Fishing for EnergyEdit

2203 90x90 Fishing for Energy
Fish Fry Fish up 20 Energy worth of Fish
Copious Ceviche Fish up 200 Energy worth of Fish
So Much Sushi Fish up 2,000 Energy worth of Fish
Where is my White Whale? Fish up 20,000 Energy worth of Fish

Fishing for GoldEdit

2201 90x90 Fishing for Gold
Reclaimer Fish up 100 Gold worth of items.
Metal Detector Fish up 1,000 Gold worth of items.
Soaked Item Seller Fish up 10,000 Gold worth of items.
Another Mans Treasure Fish up 100,000 Gold worth of items.

Fishing for JunkEdit

2202 90x90 Fishing for Junk
Accidental Environmentalist Fish up 10 Junk Items
Save Our Lakes! Fish up 100 Junk Items
Another Mans Trash Fish up 1,000 Junk Items
Lean Green Fishing Machine Fish up 10.000 Junk Items

Casting the Fishing-LineEdit

2200 90x90 Casting the Fishing-Line Reward
Hobby Fisher Cast your Fishing line 100 Times! Title: Hobby Fisher
Semi Pro Fisher Cast your Fishing line 1.000 Times! Title: Semi Pro Fisher
Assistant to the Fishing Manager Cast your Fishing line 10,000 Times!
Automatic Fishing Machine Cast your Fishing line 100,000 Times!

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