Helping NateEdit

Nates Charter Quests
Nate's Buddy Help Nate out of a Jam
Nate's Helper Help Nate out of 2 Jams
Nate's Servant Help Nate out of 3 Jams
Nate's Charter Help Nate out of 4 Jams
Nate's Hero Help Nate out of 5 Jams
Nate's Assistant Help Nate out of 6 Jams
Nate's Legacy Help Nate out of 7 Jams
Nate's First Mate Help Nate out of 8 Jams
Nate's Savior Help Nate get out of jail, then steal some treasure
Nate's Park Help Nate get out of 10 Jams
Nate's Treasure Help Nate explore a timey-wimey cave
Nate-ure Lover Help Nate rescue some critters!

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