The StableEdit

Daily QuestsEdit

WorkhorseComplete all 12 of Misty's Daily QuestsTitle: "Workhorse"

Hatch CompanionsEdit

Hatch Companions
Hatch Companions
Can I Keep It?Hatch a companion and help it grow.-
Gang Of SixHatch 6 companions and help them grow.-
Army Of LightnessHatch 13 companions and help them grow.Title Unlock: Dr. Hatchesalot!

Level up CompanionEdit

Level up Companion
Level up Companion
Baby StepsLevel a companion to Level 5-
Double DigitsLevel a companion to Level 10Title: "Apprentice Trainer"
The Teenage YearsLevel a companion to Level 15-
Off to CollegeLevel a companion to Level 20Title: "Professional Trainer"
Makin' a LifeLevel a companion to Level 25-
Not Young AnymoreLevel a companion to Level 30Title: "Expert Trainer"
All Grown UpLevel a companion to Level 35-
The Big Four-OhLevel a companion to Level 40Title: "Master Trainer"

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