An Innocuous Clearing

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This is one of the sites of the Kaine Adventure, The Mystery of the Missing Heirloom. Most of the actual adventuring (and all of the whacking) occurs in the other site, The Ant Hill.

From the in-game news item: It's time for another exciting Investigator Kaine mystery! This time you're needed in the Seasonal Forest, where an old family Heirloom has gone missing. You'll need to have completed Kaine's Fungal adventure and have unlocked the Summer Village zone before this quest will show up on the Town Crier in the Commons.

This adventure was released on September 2, 2015. Here is the official Codename blog.


Mission Task Reward
Meet Investigator Kaine Meet Kaine in the Summer Village
Meet Investigator Kaine in the Summer Village.

As is usual, Kaine leads you to the area where the real action is. You need to follow him to An Innocuous Clearing and speak to him there to complete the about quest.

Mission Task Reward
The Mystery of the Stolen Heirloom Step onto the Shrinking Platform
Recover the Lost Heirloom
Family Heirloom · 4Large Energy Pack · 6%LevelledXP
Mr. Flyn in the Innocuous Clearing thinks that ants stole his daughter's old family heirloom. Shrink down and search the Ant Hill for the item, then return it to him and his daughter.
Feeding the Colony Solve the Puzzle to reveal the Pheromone Trail
Collect 18 Grubs
Whack in the Ant Hill area to reveal a pharamone(sic) trail and then follow it to a field and whack to find grubs.
The Thirst of Ants Solve the Puzzle to find a water source
Collect 32 Water Drops
Reveal a field in the Ant Hill area and then whack in it to find water drops.
Rival Ant Attacks Defeat 100 Enemy Ants 2%LevelledXP
Whack in the field near the colony in the Ant Hill area to fight off rival ants.
Clean-out Duty Collect 24 Deceased Ants 2%LevelledXP
Whack in the field near the colony in the Ant Hill area to remove dead ants.
The Missing Queen Solve the Puzzle to glean where the Queen Ant went
Find the Queen Ant
Reveal a field in the Ant Hill area and then whack in it to find the queen ant.

(Remember that you can use the Area Progress button to find any new fields you need to quest in.)

After your done, Kaine asks you to drop by his office. When you do, he gives you an Enlarged Ant Egg.


  • Puzzle 1: 56 Puzzle Piece
  • Puzzle 2: 56 Puzzle Piece
  • Puzzle 3: 56 Puzzle Piece


Name Description
Family Heirloom
Family Heirloom Makes some of your small gold wins bigger! (10% chance of doubling non-multiplied Gold wins)
Quest reward in An Innocuous Clearing.


Name Description
Enlarged Ant Egg
Enlarged Ant Egg Misty might be able to hatch this for you. Maybe.


Name Possible BonusesMax Level BonusDescription
Enlarged Ant
Enlarged Ant Odds to win Gold
Odds to win Mana
Odds to win Power
Odds to win Gems
Odds to win Fruit
25%An ant of unusual size.