"There must have been something in the water!" is how the official blog started. Yes, the water was indeed contamiNated.


Yes, on April 1, at 12:15 AM Pacific time (8:15 AM GMT), an update was pushed through and lo, everybody looked like Nate. This seemed to upset someone who claimed to be the real Nate (pictured on the far left, above). After determining that you are the Bushwhacker (you look like Nate, too), has asks you to go on a quest:


Mission Task Reward
Will the Real Nate Dragon... Find 20 Dynamite 6% Level XP · Gold 10x Level · Nate Topiary
Find the real Nate Dragon some Dynamite. At least, I hope it's the real Nate Dragon, and not some crazy person. You never know what a crazy person will do with Dynamite.

(If you're at maximum level, you get 40 times your level in gold)

Of course, things get worse after you return with the dynamite, as two other Nates show up, both claiming to be the real Nate.

Nates Fight

The resultant kerfluffle eventually culmiNates, the dynamite detoNates (it must have been the mercury fulmiNate in the cap), and Nate (or his impersoNator) is left worse for wear. How unfortuNate!

Nate Ouch

The quest was accidentally released at the beginning of the Easter Event, but disappeared shortly afterward. People who had accepted the quest were still able to accumulate dynamite, so they were able to complete the quest immediately after its reappearance on April 1.


This pet was also available on April 1st.

Name Possible BonusesMax Level BonusDescription
Fireball Turns nothing wins into fire (random energy, mana, and power)+20%Do not pet.

At the beginning of the day, bushes and monsters ran away from you after you whacked them, but you got the usual loot. This was due to code left over from last year, and was fixed after a while.