Spring Cape
Spring Cape Green is the color of the season.Spring Event 2012
Hot Dog Cape
Hot Dog Cape It looks like you got some mustard on it.Patriot Event 2012
Travel Backpack
Travel Backpack It has a Canadian flag patch!Patriot Event 2012
Whack Cape
Whack Cape For when you are feeling extra whacky!Summer Carnival 2012
Carnival Striped Cape
Carnival Striped Cape It has stripes!Summer Carnival 2012
Mana Badge Cape
Mana Badge Cape Mana Training Complete!Junior Bush Whackers Event 2012
Power Badge Cape
Power Badge Cape Power Training Complete!Junior Bush Whackers Event 2012
Whacking Badge Cape
Whacking Badge Cape For The Junior Bush Whacker!Junior Bush Whackers Event 2012
Ghostly Cape
Ghostly Cape Made of delicious ectoplasm!Halloween Event 2012
Zombie Cape
Zombie Cape No zombies were harmed in the making of this cape.Halloween Event 2012
Pumpkin Pie Cape
Pumpkin Pie Cape Mmmm pie.Thanksgiving 2012
Leaf Cape
Leaf Cape Made of super rare dead leaves.Thanksgiving 2012
Ribbon Cape
Ribbon Cape Made from 100% recycled gift wrap!Christmas Event 2012
Santa Cape
Santa Cape Warm and red!Christmas Event 2012
Heart Cape
Heart Cape Wear your heart on your backValentine's Event 2013
Wing Cape
Wing Cape Wear your wings on your backValentine's Event 2013
Beer Cape
Beer Cape Now everyone behind you can see, as well as smell, your love of beer.Saint Patrick's Event 2013
Clover Cape
Clover Cape Cape will not bring you any extra luck.Saint Patrick's Event 2013
Bunny Cape
Bunny Cape For the Bunny in you.Easter Event 2013
Egg Cape
Egg Cape For the Egg in you.Easter Event 2013
Spring Flower Cape
Spring Flower Cape Puts a spring in your gardening step.Spring Event 2013
Spring Tomato Cape
Spring Tomato Cape Mmmm tomatoes.Spring Event 2013
Sporty Cape
Sporty Cape This cape make you feel rather sporty and spicy.Sports Event 2013
Number Twelve Cape
Number Twelve Cape Wear the number of champions on your back.Sports Event 2013
American Cape
American Cape Stars and stripes.Patriot Event 2013
Canadian Cape
Canadian Cape Oh Canada!.Patriot Event 2013
Smiley Face Cape
Smiley Face Cape A happy cape.Summer Carnival 2013
Cotton Candy Cape
Cotton Candy Cape Nom nom nom.Summer Carnival 2013
Puppy Cape
Puppy Cape Woof!Dog Days of Summer 2013
Life Ring Cape
Life Ring Cape This cape ensures you'll never spend too much time under water.Dog Days of Summer 2013
Jr. Bush Whacker Scarf
Jr. Bush Whacker Scarf A must for all young bush whackers.Junior Bush Whackers Event 2013
Badge Sash
Badge Sash A place to show off your bush whacking badges.Junior Bush Whackers Event 2013
Candy Cape
Candy Cape Consuming this cape may result in a stomach acheHalloween Event 2013
Bat Wings Cape
Bat Wings Cape Lovely red bat wings.Halloween Event 2013
Turkey Cape
Turkey Cape Disguising yourself like a turkey near Thanskgiving is probably a bad idea.Thanksgiving 2013
Grinch Tuft
Grinch Tuft While it may make you grumpy, it sure is warm. Part of the Grinch Set! (It's a Cape!)Christmas Event 2013
Dynamite Cape
Dynamite Cape Boom!Nate's Birthday 2014
Chocolate Box Cape
Chocolate Box Cape Yum!Valentine's Event 2014
Rose Cape
Rose Cape Watch out for thorns!Valentine's Event 2014
Super Rainbow Cape
Super Rainbow Cape Technicolor Dream Cape!Saint Patrick's Day Event 2014
Baseball Cape
Baseball Cape Show off your favorite sport with this Baseball Cape!Summer Sports Event 2014
Soccer Cape
Soccer Cape Show off your favorite sport with this Soccer Cape!Summer Sports Event 2014
American Shield
American Shield America! Heck Yeah!Patriot Event 2014
Eagle Cape
Eagle Cape Spread the wings of freedom with this Eagle Cape.Patriot Event 2014

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