Red Ripped Cape
Red Ripped Cape Probably the simplest cape you can find.The Mysterious Forest
Skull Ripped Cape
Skull Ripped Cape 78% of punks wear this cape.The Mysterious Forest
Wooden Shield
Wooden Shield A round wooden shield.The Commons - General store quest
Star Ripped Cape
Star Ripped Cape Makes you feel like breaking eggs.The Forest Detour
Moon Ripped Cape
Moon Ripped Cape Luckily it's not a full moon, or else...The Forest Detour
Knight's Cape
Knight's Cape Only the most valient Bush Whackers wear this.The Shady Forest
Purple Bolt Cape
Purple Bolt Cape Makes you feel like breaking eggs.The Shady Forest
Rock Cape
Rock Cape This cape is made of rock and doesn't bend.The Dusty Incline
Dino Cape
Dino Cape Its a cape with a dino skull on the back.The Dusty Incline
Bone Cape
Bone Cape Show off your big bone cape!The Windy Crest
Pink Cape
Pink Cape Being pink is its only defining feature.The Rocky Decline
Flower Cape
Flower Cape Flower power!The Rocky Decline
Bandit Cape
Bandit Cape Unleash your inner bandit!The Desert Ranch
Cactus Cape
Cactus Cape Warning: Some items might stick to the cape thorns.The Desert Ranch
Scorpion Cape
Scorpion Cape Don't worry, it's not poisonous.The Dusty Loop
Sunstone Cape
Sunstone Cape It's a bit dry.The Dusty Loop
Sun Cape
Sun Cape Sunset or sunrise, this cape will always make you smile.The River's Source
Evergreen Cape
Evergreen Cape It will never fade.Lower Evergreen Forest
Fish Cape
Fish Cape Celebrate your inner fish!Upper Evergreen Forest
Shield Cape
Shield Cape For a little extra protection!Upper Evergreen Forest
Seaweed Cape
Seaweed Cape It might be a little soggy.Fishing in Lower Evergreen Forest/Upper Evergreen Forest
Scale Cape
Scale Cape No reptile were harmed in the making of this cape.The Eastern Swamp
Flame Cape
Flame Cape Hot!The Eastern Swamp
Fly Wings
Fly Wings BzzzzThe Western Swamp
Rainbow Cape
Rainbow Cape For extra color!The Deep Swamp
Anchor Cape
Anchor Cape Warning: May cause back problems.Fishing in The Deep Swamp
Mud Cape
Mud Cape Good for your skin!The Northern Swamp
Snowflake Cape
Snowflake Cape Each one is unique.The Base Camp
Fur Cape
Fur Cape Faux fur of course.The Avalanche Runout
Ice Cape
Ice Cape This probably won't keep you very warm.The Mountain Peak
Scarf Probably stolen from a snowman.The Terrifying Traverse
Spooky Eye Cape
Spooky Eye Cape There's something on your backThe Dusky Woods
Bat Cape
Bat Cape For the truly battyThe Sickened Stream
Proton Pack
Proton Pack For Busting ghostiesSecret Bonus Area in The Sickened Stream
Mystical Cape
Mystical Cape Mystical powers not includedThe Settler's Thicket
Lei A flower necklace.Vacatau Island
Towel Cape
Towel Cape Almost like a real cape.Vacatau Island
Shark Fin
Shark Fin Try not to scare the swimmers.Feeshi Island
Scuba Tank
Scuba Tank For certified divers only.Lower Juau Island
Palm Cape
Palm Cape Made from super rare palm leaves.Upper Juau Island
Clay Cape
Clay Cape Also known as Claype!The Desert City Gate
Half Moon Cape
Half Moon Cape 50% of a full moon cape.The Abandoned Bazaar
Silk Cape
Silk Cape It took many worms to weave this cape.The Ancient Port
Sultan Cape
Sultan Cape Made for royalty, worn by you.The Crumbling Palace
Leopard Print Cape
Leopard Print Cape Bring out your wild side!The Jungle Outskirts
Monkey Tail
Monkey Tail For when you feel like monkeying around!The Outer Temple Ruins
Safari Backpack
Safari Backpack Holds all you adventuring necessities.The Tribal Village
Carved Stone Cape
Carved Stone Cape Made by an ancient civilization.The Jungle Temple
Dwarven Rune Cape
Dwarven Rune Cape A mighty cape!The Crystal Mine Entrance
Crystal Cape
Crystal Cape Oooh, shiny!The Main Mine
Mushroom Cape
Mushroom Cape Not edible.The Mine Collapse
Lava Cape
Lava Cape Super Hot!The Molten Core

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