Name Description Cost Location
Iron Shield
Iron Shield A sturdy shield whit magical proprieties.25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Skull Shield
Skull Shield A round shield with a scary skull painted on it.25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Epic Star Cape
Epic Star Cape Stars, stars, stars!4 EmeraldAmicus Isle
Epic Mana Cape
Epic Mana Cape Enfuse your clothing with powerful mana.75 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Epic Ice Cape
Epic Ice Cape Show everyone how cool you are.100 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Epic Fire Cape
Epic Fire Cape You're so hot you leave a trail of fire behind you.125 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Epic Plant Cape
Epic Plant Cape Plant beautiful flowers as you walk.125 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Ace of Diamonds Cape
Ace of Diamonds Cape Boost your luck with this Ace of Diamonds Cape!20 Casino TokenAmicus Isle
Elvis Rhinestone Cape
Elvis Rhinestone Cape Complete the set with this flashy Rhinestone Elvis Cape.20 Casino TokenAmicus Isle
Flux Cape
Flux Cape ?10 Template:Flux DustFlux Store
Super Cape
Super Cape ?10 Template:Flux DustFlux Store

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