Chat has been added to enhance the social aspect of BW2.

DJArts devs will be shown in green text. Regular users are in blue text.

Standard chatiquette (chat etiquette) / netiquette (Internet etiquette) is expected behavior. As an example, it is considered rude to write only in upper case, because it appears as if the user is shouting.

DJArts Games Conduct Guidelines can be found here:


You can Hide Chat or disable it by clicking on the "x" button. You can also position chat beside or below the game window. Chat is hidden when in Full screen.

You can use "/me" to change your own personal chat message to orange.

Chat filter is active and any offensive word will be replaced with "quack".

Left clicking on a user name will give you the option to Mute the person or report an offending message.


The following emotes are active in the chat window.

"/angry";"%n is very angry.";

"/bonk";"%n goes bonkers.";

"/cackle";"%n cackles manically.";

"/cheer";"%n cheers.";

"/chirp";"%n chirps like a cricket.";

"/clap";"%n claps.";

"/cry";"%n cries like a baby.";

"/dance";"%n breaks into dance.";

"/david";"%n thought there might be a /david. Wrong again.";

"/facepalm";"%n sighs and facepalms.";

"/fail";"%n fails.";

"/fart";"%n farts.";

"/gasp";"%n gasps";

"/giggle";"%n giggles uncontrollably.";

"/giggles";"%n giggles uncontrollably.";

"/grats";"%n congratulates everyone.";

"/grin";"%n grins from ear to ear.";

"/hammer"; "%n brandishes a large hammer.";

"/hit";"%n looks around for someone to hit.";

"/hug";"%n needs a hug.";

"/justin";"%n thought there might be a /justin. Not so much.";

"/jump";"%n jumps up in the air.";

"/kiss";"%n blows a kiss into the air";

"/laugh";"%n laughs.";

"/lick";"%n licks their lips.";

"/liz";"%n laughs so hard that they pee themselves.";

"/lol";"%n laughs.";

"/lurk";"%n is lurking... er... doh!";

"/me";"%n is confused about how to use /me";

"/point";"%n points over there!";

"/rawr";"%n lets lose a fierce roar.";

"/sing";"%n breaks into song.";

"/sigh"; "%n sighs.";

"/slap";"%n slaps everyone silly.";

"/smash";"%n smashes things randomly.";

"/smile";"%n smiles";

"/smiles";"%n smiles";

"/snicker";"%n snickers.";

"/snort";"%n snorts.";

"/wave";"%n waves to everyone.";