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It's time for Bush Whacker 2's Christmas Event! Santa and his elves need your help at the North Pole, but they're not the only ones! This event will unlock new quests for you to do almost every day! There will be a plethora of holiday related stuff to do over the next couple weeks, so try not to fall behind! This event will run until

☀Wednesday December 30th at Noon PST (8pm UTC.)

Event Missions Edit

Like every other events in BW2, not all quests are available right away once the event commences. Some quests have prerequisites and other quests unlock on a certain day. The Elves unlock when you have completed a turn-in total at their station, AND a certain amount of hours have passed. You will need a minimum of 10 Candy Canes  in your inventory before an Elf/the next elf will appear.

Mission Task Reward
To the North Pole! Collect 25  Repaired Transporter · 50 

Unlocks The North Pole

Gather Candy Canes to fix the Teleporter in the Commons. You can find Candy Canes in bushes anywhere in the world. You're going to need a lot of them.
Green Elf Robotics Station Collect 10 1  · 10 

Unlocks: Picking the Perfect Pine  · Creepin' it with the Claus

Gather Candy Canes and Invite your friends to help the Green Elf create robot presents!
White Elf Bushbie Doll Station Collect 10 1  · 10 
Gather Candy Canes and Invite your friends to help the White Elf create doll presents!
Blue Elf Video Game Station Collect 10 1  · 10 
Gather Candy Canes and Invite your friends to help the Blue Elf create video game presents!
Red Elf BZ Bake Oven Station Collect 10 1  · 10 
Gather Candy Canes and Invite your friends to help the Red Elf create BZ Bake Oven presents!
Task Amount Achievement Title
Help an elf with presents Make 1 Apprentice Elf Helper
Help an elf with presents Make 20 Journeyman Elf Helper
Help an elf with presents Make 50 Professional Elf Helper
Help all eves with presents Make 50 each Expert Elf Helper

Note: If you have Facebook friends assisting you on an elf's station, you increase the chance of the elf being able to complete 2 of their item on a turn in. This does not increase the number of Santa Tokens you receive, only reduces the number of turn-ins you must do to complete an elf.

Special Events Edit

Mission Task Reward
Picking a Perfect Pine Find an Alright Tree 

Find a Pretty Good Tree
Find a Nice Tree
Find an Excellent Tree
Find an Awesome Tree

50  · 5  · 50 

Unlocks Turgid Tree Tomfoolery

Find the perfect Christmas Tree. It may take a couple of tries to find one that's just right!
Turgid Tree Tomfoolery Place 10 Decorations (10  Each) 50  · 5  · 50 
Decorate the tree. You'll need to use , which you get by turning  in to the present-making Elves or completing quests for others.
Frosty Construction Build the Snowman.  Click the snow pile in the North Pole to send out Friend Requests. 50  · 5  · 
Build a snowman. Facebook players can ask friends to help in the North Pole.
A Pole for the Rest of Us Find 42 Pieces of Pole 50  · 5  · 50 
We've got the North Pole, but is there something for the rest of us?
You're a Mean One Find 50 Cakes 50  · 5  · 50 
Gather 50 non-festive cakes to give the Grinch curmudgeonly.
I Made You Out of Clay Find 35 blobs of Clay 50  · 5  · 50 
Fetch some Clay to make Traditional Tops.
Candles for Kwanzaa Find 7 Kinara Candles 50  · 5  · 50 
Fetch some Candles for this traditional tradition. You can find Candles in bushes anywhere in the world.

Daily Repeatable Edit

Mission Task Reward
Reindeer Chow Find Reindeer Chow (10) 2%XP 3 Santa Tokens

25 Holiday Cheer

The Reindeer are tired and not up to pulling the sled. Find some Reindeer Chow to encourage them. Completion of this quest leads to a Creepin' it with the clause quest.
Creepin' it with the Claus Deliver a present! 50  · 5  · 50 
Sneak into some innocent people's house and invade their privacy to give them amazing stuff. The amazing stuff totally makes it okay. Board Santa's sleigh at the North Pole to head for a random house.
Snowball Fight Throw 30 Snowballs (cost of 2 energy each) 50  · 5  · 50 
Participate in the North Pole snowball fight. Head into the field in the lower-right corner of the North Pole and start clickin' those opponents! Random candy canes, energy and Santa tokens are possible
Lost Reindeer Find the Lost Reindeer 50  · 5  · 50 
Find the missing Reindeer! It's probably out in the world somewhere. Whack a bunch of bushes until it shows itself.
12 Days of Bushmas Frederick neglected to get his true love a gift last year, so he is making up for it this year.  Like the song, each day you bring that present and ALL of the previous ones as well.

1 A partridge in a pear tree

2 Turtle pets

3 French textbooks

4 Grimy vials

5 GOLD things

6 Silver pet eggs

7 Lucky clovers

8 Bottles of chilled milk

9 Nates

10 hammers

11 Bushes

12 Swords

When the quest is complete he will "sing" for you, and sing again if you ask him.

Santa Token Rewards Edit

Decoration Items available Edit

Name Description Cost
Blue Line Tile Offside! 20 
Hockey Gear Best Christmas present EVER! 20 
Frog Puppet Gnome Looks oddly familiar, yet legally distinct enough that you can't put your finger on it. 20 
Sack of toys Looks like Santa dropped this on his way through. 20 
Toy Rocketship Let me play among the stars. 20 
Log Cabin A tough present to wrap and fit under a tree 20 
Purple Scarved Snowman What a classy scarf!

Gear Edit

Name Description Cost
Elfish Knit Cap A quirky Elfish Knit Cap. 20 
Beehive Christmas Scarf The height of bushwhacking fashion, the Beehive Christmas Scarf. 20 
Christmas Light Cape A string of Christmas lights to light your way (behind you!) 20 
Holly Leaf Cape A cape made of Holly leaves and berries. 20 
Christmas glasses Glasses for the season! 20 
Christmas Lolly Sword A sweet way to mush bushes! 20 

Christmas Snack Bag Edit

After all other items are bought, you can get a Christmas Snack Bag.

Name Description Cost
Christmas Snack Bag Contains random amounts of mana, power  and energy 20 
Christmas Snack bag contains 3 times random amount of single snack bag 60
Quester's Satchel Contains a usual random quester's satchel item 80

Achievements Edit

Elf Helper

Apprentice Elf Helper Help the Elves create a present
Journeyman Elf Helper Help the Elves create 20 presents
Professional Elf Helper Help the Elves create 50 presents
Expert Elf Helper Help the Elves create 50 presents at each station Title: Expert Elf Helper

Present Delivery

Santa Man Help Santa deliver a present to someone's house
Diverse Santa Help Santa deliver a present to four houses
~See previous Christmas events for help if you need it

Reverse Santa

Reverse Santa Steal a present from the cluttered house (anytime you see a cluttered house while delivering presents) It is clickable in the usual blue outline. Hint: it is "groovy man. Spoiler alert:

(lava lamp)

Title: Reverse Santa
Season of Shopping
Task Purchase all of the Christmas Holiday Items

Schoolyard Victor

Task Win 5 snowball fights in the North Pole

Reindeer Herder

Task Find the missing Reindeer 5 times

Christmas Savior

Task Help out all of the citizens in the North Pole in need

Yay! Presents

Task Open a present from the Devs on Christmas Day Title: Loves the Developers  

· 5,000 gold 

· 3  chocolates for 50% base energy    

· Darth Vader gnome  

Event Participation Prizes Edit

Name Description Cost
2015 Small Christmas Ribbon You can put this in your house. Increases your base max energy by 5 just by having it! 500 
2015 Medium Christmas Ribbon You can put this in your house. Increases your base max energy by 10 just by having it! 1000 
2015 Large Christmas Ribbon You can put this in your house. Increases your base max energy by 20 just by having it! 2000 
Candy Cane Topiary Collect all the 2015 Holiday Topiaries 4000 

Gifting FRIENDS: Edit

* On Facebook platforms this may be quite different. Please note in the comments or edit to show your platforms gifting procedure. Edit

Big Fish: One gift per day, with a cost of 40 Santa tokens. (or you buy with bushbucks and can buy more than one gift per day. Or use real cash to buy special friends something more and Facebook can use the Facebook tokens)

The gift contains random amounts of energy, gold, mana and power as well as an extra treat.

Buy the wrapped present from Sasha, then talk to her again to send it. You have to click that you are "buying" the friend gift that you already bought with tokens, so it can be added. IMPORTANT! Check for correct spelling of the player's name.

For special gifts, bought with BBs click that you wish to send a gift to a friend, add their name and that store will pop up.

You can add a message when sending a gift, and add a thank you note when you receive it.

A gift can be opened later by closing it (x at top right), then refresh the page when you are ready to receive it.

The gifts can be opened one at a time, but you need to close the popup and refresh to get the others.

When you open more than one gift, be sure to have power/mana boosters equipped

SPOILER ALERT! The extra prize in the Christmas gift box consists of random gifts of either *25 candy canes, *gems, pumpkin pie, trophy items, gold, extra energy, **rare energy boost items/coloured faces, 10 Bushbucks and likely more!

*The candy canes and the gems (topaz) will not show in a popup, so its best to be aware of how many you have so you will know if you got something extra or not*

**For some reason the rare energy boost items like the Queen Victoria, Oktoberfest, Nate look-alike and green face drink said they were sugarless (energy-less) and didn't add the "pesky" energy. Hopefully that will change for next year as it makes no sense to receive as a "special" item.

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