Amicus Isle Casino CompanionsEdit

These pets can be bought at the Amicus Isle Casino.

Name Possible AttributesBonus Given (1 to 40)DescriptionCost
Blue Armadillo Odds to win Gold, Gems, Fruit+20%He's got a really good Armor Class.50Casino Token
Blue Parrot Odds to win Gold, Gems, Fruit+20%Arr! Ye be a true pirate now!50Casino Token
Dark Gryphon Odds to win Puzzle Pieces, Quest Items+10%10 points for Gryphon-dor!50Casino Token
Spotty Goat Odds to win Nothing-25%After years of getting your friends to help disperse them, now you have one for yourself.50Casino Token
White Cat Odds to win Power, Gems, Mana+20%Crossing his path brings you good luck!50Casino Token
Pink Elephant Odds to win Nothing-25%Thank goodness it's not white!50Casino Token
Robot (Amicus)
Robot (Amicus) Nothings change to Energy20%Beep boop beep-boopy boo!Win at Bush
Buck Bonanza
slot machine

Note: There are 2 different pets named "Robot" in the game. The other one may be purchased from Hank the Farmhand.

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