Gen 2 Egg hatched CompanionsEdit

Eggs found during Misty's "An Abandon Egg" Quest will be randomly selected from the following table.

Generation 2 Companions were made available 21 August 2013.

  NamePossible Attributes Bonus (1 to 40)Description
Armadillo Fruit%; Gem%; Gold%+0.50% to +20%He's got a really good Armor Class.
Bison Gem%; Mana%; Gold%+0.50% to +20%You can call him shaggy.
Snow Bunny
Snow Bunny Power%; Mana%; Fruit%+0.50% to +20%Not very inconspicuous in non-snow zones.
Black Cat
Black Cat Power%; Mana%; Gem%+0.50% to +20%Be careful with your path when doubling back!
Brown Rat
Brown Rat Nothing%-0.625% to -25%It's cuter than you'd think.
Camel Power%; Gold%; Mana%+0.50% to +20%Two humps, not one.
Ghostly Horse
Ghostly Horse Quest Items%; Puzzle Pieces%+0.25% to +10%He's neigh invisible.
Goat Nothing%-0.625% to -25%After years of getting your friends to help disperse them, now you have one for yourself.
Kangaroo Mouse
Kangaroo Mouse Gem%; Fruit%; Power%+0.50% to +20%Possibly the cutest mouse in existence.
Panther Fruit%; Gem%; Mana%+0.50% to +20%Slinks in the shadows behind you.
Rhino Puzzle Pieces%+0.30% to +15%Armor plated and uni-horned! Found in The Tribal Village SBA
Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle Gold%; Gem%; Fruit%; Mana%; Power%+0.50% to +20%Someday it'll grow up into an island! Found in The Missing Island

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