Gen 3 Egg hatched CompanionsEdit

Eggs found during Misty's "An Abandon Egg" Quest were randomly selected from the following table, until March 20, 2015.

Generation 3 Companions.

  NamePossible Attributes Bonus (1 to 40)Description
Alligator Odds to win Fruit, Power or Gems, +20%XXXX.
Clownfish Odds to win Fruit, Mana or Gems, +20%XXXX.
Crab Odds to win Power, Mana or Gold, +20%XXXX.
Frog Odds to win Fruit, Power or Mana, +20%XXXX.
Giraffe Odds to win Puzzle Pieces or Quest Items, +10%XXXX.
Hippopotamus Odds to win Gems, Mana or Gold, +20%XXXX.
Ostrich Odds to win Gold, Gems or Fruit, +20%XXXX.
Spider Odds to win Nothing, -25%XXXX.
Tiger Odds to win Nothing, -25%XXXX.
Wolf Odds to win Power, Gems or Mana, +20%XXXX.

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