Gen 4 Egg hatched CompanionsEdit

Eggs found during Misty's "An Abandoned Egg" Quest are randomly selected from the following table. They became available on March 20, 2015.

Generation 4 Companions.

Name Possible AttributesBonus Given (1 to 40)Description
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Odds to win Power, Gems, Mana+20%Most comfortable while whacking in snowy areas.
Butterfly Odds to win Fruit, Power, Mana+20%Flits and flutters about flappily.
Dragonfly Odds to win Fruit, Mana, Gems+20%Eats all the pests infecting the bushes you whack.
Orange Kitty
Orange Kitty Odds to win Nothing-25%This kitty is very old.
Salamander Odds to win Fruit, Power, Gems+20%He could climb straight up vertical surfaces! If this world had any...
Ferret Odds to win Nothing-25%Possibly the most adorable pet ever.
Pony Odds to win Power, Mana, Gold+20%You wanted a pony? Well, now you have one!
Otter Odd to win Puzzle Pieces, Quest Items+10%You otter have known this pun was coming.
Cobra Odds to win Gems, Mana, Gold+20%This guy really hates flutes for some reason.
Snail Odds to win Gold, Gems, Fruit+20%Slow 'n steady whacks the bush.

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