Getting the stablesEdit

Misty needs your help upgrading her small pasture into a full-on stable yard! If you’ve finished helping Tim and Marcus with their construction project, you can meet her in the upper-right corner of the Commons to get started. Once the stable yard is complete, Misty will help you hatch and raise new companion pets, which can be equipped for whacking bonuses! There are tons of cute and cuddly pets to hatch or adopt. The faster you get the stable yard built, the better, because hatching them is only the beginning!

Mission Task Reward
A Proper Stables Obtain 40 Lumber 2%LevelledXP
Misty wants to convert the fenced area in the north-east Commons into a proper stables. She's going to need a lot of lumber to make that happen. As always, you can get lumber from Jim the Lumberjack by his lumber mill. You can do his daily quest once per day to get 20 Lumber each day or buy Lumber from him directly for Bush Bucks.
Hay is for Horses Find 40 Bundles of Hay 2%LevelledXP
The stable is nearly complete. Misty just needs some hay to fill out the food stores. You can find hay in bushes all throughout the land.
Leaky Water Buckets Find 25 Water Buckets 2%LevelledXP
Misty has nearly finished building her stables. She just needs some water buckets to bring some water from the river to the stables. Leaky Water Buckets can be found in bushes all throughout the land.
Escapees! Find Gobbles · Find Pooter Completed Stables · 6%LevelledXP
The stables are complete, but the critters who were there have escaped! Whack bushes out in the wild until you find them and bring them back safely. You can whack bushes anywhere to find them.

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