Hatching PetsEdit

Once you have completed the Stables, Misty will allow you to start raising pets with her. You can either search for pet eggs out in the world or buy them from Misty for Bush Bucks.

There are 5 steps involved in hatching a companion. Completing a step will unlock the next one.

Mission Task Reward
Step 1: An Abandoned Egg Find or Buy an Egg 2%LevelledXP
Misty will help you raise a new pet if you can find an Abandoned Egg out in the wild. Abandoned Eggs can be found anywhere in the world, but they're very rare! Once you find an Egg, bring it back to Misty in the Commons.*
Step 2: The Fate of the Egg Choose the Fate of the Egg 1%LevelledXP
You've found an Abandoned Egg in the wilds. Determine what kind of egg it is and if you wish to raise it or try to find a new one.**
Step 3: Hatching! Complete 3 Daily Hatching Tasks 4%LevelledXP
Misty is helping you hatch an egg! Complete her task each day! Complete 3 tasks and your egg will hatch into a cute little critter!
Step 4: Growing! Complete 3 Daily Growing Tasks 4%LevelledXP
Your critter has hatched and is growing! Complete 3 tasks for Misty each day to help it grow strong enough to leave the stables and join you on your adventures or on your ranch!
Step 5: All Grown Up! Name your new Companion 1 Large Energy Pack · 4%LevelledXP
You've done it! Through all the trials and tribulations, your pet has grown up!

* You cannot perform this quest while on steps 2-5 for another egg. Eggs may only be found when this quest is active.
** If you choose to give Misty the egg instead of hatching it, the egg will be discarded and you'll go back to Step 1.

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