Hey you. You there, with the Pet. Have you ever been frustrated by your pet's bonus? Wanted to enhance it? Got too many Brown Rats? Want to release some pets?

Have you:

Cool! Go talk to the Town Crier now, he heard Misty is looking for you...

Also, once you've moved PAGAS into the Commons, you will get a quest to locate Clint the Mount Rider. And when he's all settled, then he will teach you all about Mounts.

Meeting VincentEdit

After you meet all the requirements mentioned above, the crier will tell you to talk to Misty. Misty has a quest for you:

Mission Task Reward
Running a Little Behind Search the Narrow Sea for signs of the PAGAS member 2%LevelledXP
Misty invited an associate from PAGAS, the Pet Adoption and Genetic Augmentation Society, to set up a station in the Commons, but they haven't shown up yet. Misty has suggested you check in at The Narrow Sea zone to see if they've crossed there yet.

Well, that was easy enough. However, when you find her friend Vincent, he too has a quest:

Mission Task Reward
A Fierce Gust of Wind Find 20 Adoption Papers
Find 10 Strange Vials
Find a DNA Analyser'
You've found Vincent, from PAGAS, at the Narrow Sea. Unfortunately an extremely strong gust of wind blew away many items that he brought along with him for the Commons. Find them in the field near him in the Narrow Sea and bring them back to him.

After you complete this quest, Vincent will set up shop just below Misty in The Commons.

PAGAS Pet Progress barEdit

Vincent keeps track of all the pets you have in a hand list. You can browse through the pets you don't have and see what you'd like to nab once you've collected enough Unique DNA. He also has some cool bonus prizes for you to claim when you have collected a certain number of unique pets (i.e. a multiple of 10). Pets you obtain and release continue to count toward your pet progress.

# of unique pets Reward
10 Rare DNA
20 Epic DNA
30 Unique DNA and unlock Tier 2 Augments
40 2 × Level 20 Pet Treat Pet Treats
50 Golden Phoenix Pet
60 2  Unique DNA
70 unlock Tier 3 Augments
80 unlock Holiday Bonus Augments
90 3  Unique DNA
100 A Pet Booster Trinket: Pet Booster Pet experience earned +100%
120 4  Unique DNA
140 The Cloud Bird pet from Cloudland
160 A Pet Controller Trinket Pet Controller Trinket (Makes you look like your pet)
180 5  Unique DNA
200 5 ×  Level 40 Pet Treat Pet Treats
250 6  Unique DNA
300 Cory Pet
350 7  Unique DNA
400 Nick Pet
(Nothing beyond 400 pets as yet)

Release a Pet at PAGAS Edit

You can release a pet at PAGAS to receive DNA in exchange. The DNA received depends on the level and "class" of the released pet. Pet classes can be seen in the Pets Progress display, and are:

  • Basic Pets: hatched from eggs.
  • Event Pets: awarded during events (e.g., Turkey, Snowman, Reindeer, Chicken)
  • Misc Pets: generally purchased with in-game currency (e.g., Island Tokens, Casino Prize Tokens, Bush Bucks), or are awarded through game play (e.g., Rhino, Turtle, Golden Phoenix, Goldhound, Glitch).
  • Premium Pets: purchased with real-world cash.

The payoff for releasing a pet improves with level for all but Premium pets. However, the payoff has diminishing returns as the pet level increases. If the goal is to gather Unique DNA (which is only used to purchase pets), then Premium Pets are the best option. For DNA used for other PAGAS activities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic), then Misc, Event, and Basic Pets (in that order) will offer the best results.

Releasing a Basic Pet Edit

The payoff for releasing a basic pet is generally linear with pet level. This means that getting the pet "one more level" will have a proportional improvement in the result. Basic pets are the only class where this is the case. However, the cost to level the pet is always increasing, so it may not be worth the time to level a basic pet for too long.


Basic Pets - DNA Payoff Distribution per Level

At level 1 and level 40, a Basic Pet will have the following payoffs:

  • Common DNA: 89% -> 42%
  • Uncommon DNA: 10% -> 35%
  • Rare DNA: 1% -> 15%
  • Epic DNA: 0% -> 7%
  • Unique DNA: 0% -> 1%

The payoff for each DNA type is generally linear with level. Slight variations are introduced since the payoff is always displayed as a rounded integer: sometimes the sum is not equal to 100%.

It is not known whether the game employs the displayed (rounded) percentages to determine the actual DNA payoff. This is important since the Unique DNA payoff doesn't go from 0% to 1% until level 24. If the fractional percentages are employed, it will be possible to receive Unique DNA from a lower level Basic Pet.

An outline how to test statistically if fractional percentages are employed or not can be found at Testing Pet Release Probabilities. It requires a large sample size, so a number of players must take part to get valid results.

Releasing an Event Pet Edit

The payoff for releasing an Event Pet is not linear with level, and diminishing returns are certainly a factor.


Event Pets - DNA Payoff Distribution per Level

At level 1 and level 40, an Event Pet will have the following payoffs:

  • Common DNA: 0% -> 0%
  • Uncommon DNA: 86% -> 61%
  • Rare DNA: 12% -> 26%
  • Epic DNA: 2% -> 12%
  • Unique DNA: 0% -> 2%

In terms of DNA payoff, there is slight (and decreasing) benefit to leveling an Event Pet past level 8 or so.

Releasing a Misc Pet Edit

The payoff for releasing a Misc Pet has even more pronounced diminishing returns.


Misc Pets - DNA Payoff Distribution per Level

At level 1 and level 40, a Misc Pet will have the following payoffs:

  • Common DNA: 0% -> 0%
  • Uncommon DNA: 0% -> 0%
  • Rare DNA: 84% -> 65%
  • Epic DNA: 14% -> 31%
  • Unique DNA: 2% -> 4%

By level 8, the payoff odds are nearly flat.

Actual release data suggests the nominal odds at level 8 greatly understate the chance of Unique DNA. A sample of 100 releases of Misc Pets at level 8 yielded 52 Rare DNA, 18 Epic DNA, and 30 Unique DNA vs. nominal odds of 69% Rare, 28% Epic, and 4% Unique. Returns from a smaller sample size of Misc Pets released at level 40 suggest the actual results there are much closer to the nominal odds of 65%/31%/4%.

Releasing a Premium Pet Edit

Releasing a Premium Pet always provides 1 Unique DNA, regardless of level.

Trade Up your DNA at PAGASEdit

DNA Trade up
Common DNA Common DNA Lowest
Uncommon DNA Uncommon DNA 4x  Common DNA
Rare DNA Rare DNA 4x  Uncommon DNA or 16x  Common DNA
Epic DNA Epic DNA 4x  Rare DNA or 16x  Uncommon DNA or 64x  Common DNA
Unique DNA Unique DNA No trade

Augment Your Current PetEdit

You can spend the DNA you've collected to change the bonus of your currently equipped pet. There are varying types and levels of bonuses to choose from, assuming you have access to them. The best ones take high quality DNA to apply. If you have a pet that has a random bonus, you can spend Common DNA to randomly swap to a different one of its random bonuses.

You can also spend DNA to switch a pet you've augmented back to its base bonus, if it's something unique. If your pet is a type which has a random chance to have one of several bonuses when it is hatched (e.g., the Black Cat), you cannot automatically switch back to its initial bonus, because it was originally randomly assigned, and for various reasons, not tracked.

When you change your pet's bonus, it keeps its level and xp, so your new bonus starts out already powered up! All in all, Pet Augmentation helps you put the bonus you want on the pet you like! It's great!

Not every bonus is available for each pet. Tier1 bonuses are available with 1 pet, Tier2 is unlocked at 30 pets and Tier3 with 70 unique pets. Additionally, you must have had a pet with that bonus type to switch to that bonus.

Pet BonusesEdit

Bonus Means Minor
Cost 1x Uncommon DNA 1x Rare DNA 1x Epic DNA
Mana Bonus Increase Mana win odds to up to 20% 25% 30%
Power Bonus Increase Power win odds to up to 20% 25% 30%
Gold Bonus Increase Gold win odds to up to 20% 25% 30%
Gems Bonus Increase Gems win odds to up to 20% 25% 30%
Energy Bonus Increase Energy win odds to up to 20% 25% 30%
Nothing Bonus Decrease Nothing win odds to up to 25% 30% 35%
Max Mana Bonus Increase Max Mana to up to 15 20 25
Max Power Bonus Increase Max Power to up to 15 20 25
Max Energy Bonus Increase Max Energy to up to 30 40 50
Manavoid Bonus Turns Nothings into Mana up to 20% 25% 30%
Energyvoid Bonus Turns Nothings into Energy up to 20% 25% 30%
Powervoid Bonus Turns Nothings into Power up to 20% 25% 30%
Quest Bonus Increase Quest Item win odds to up to 10% 15% 20%
Puzzle Bonus Increase Puzzle Pieces win odds to up to 10% 15% 20%
Bonus Means Cost
Randomize Pet Bonus Random switch to another available bonus of the current pet 1x Common DNA
Revert Pet Bonus Removes the change to the original bonus of the pet 1x Common DNA
Holiday Bonus Change pet bonus to +20% event turn-in items 1x Epic DNA
Runes Bonus Increase Runes win odds to up to 25% (Tier3) 1x Epic DNA
Runes Dust Bonus Increase odds to win random runes dust when whacking runes up to 60% (Tier3) 1x Epic DNA

XP BonusEdit

You may also change your DNAs into Pet XPs to increase the level of the pet.

Bonus Cost
125 XP 1x  Common DNA
500 XP 1x  Uncommon DNA
2000 XP 1x  Rare DNA
8000 XP 1x  Epic DNA

Eggs at PAGASEdit

Vincent can sell you all the pet eggs you can find in the wild or in Quester's Satchels, as well as many of the premium pets that have, until now, only been available in package deals or during sales. He even has some pet breeds you may have never seen before. They're expensive, though. The best pets cost Unique DNA, which is extremely rare!

The cost of the eggs adapt to the current generation of eggs (those you can find in the wild.) The previous generation is more expensive, and the generations before even more. (The table should indicate rarity and the general scheme instead of concrete costs).

Generation 1 EggsEdit

Egg Cost
Gryphon 2x Epic DNA
Fairy 4x Rare DNA
Puppy 4x Rare DNA
Raptor 2x Epic DNA
Bear 4x Rare DNA
Kitty 4x Rare DNA
Kangaroo 4x Rare DNA
Monkey 2x Epic DNA
Parrot 2x Epic DNA
Elephant 4x Rare DNA

Generation 2 EggsEdit

Egg Cost
Camel 2x Epic DNA
Black Cat 4x Rare DNA
Snow Bunny 4x Rare DNA
Ghostly Horse 2x Epic DNA
Panther 4x Rare DNA
Brown Rat 4x Rare DNA
Kangaroo Mouse 4x Rare DNA
Bison 2x Epic DNA
Armadillo 2x Epic DNA
Goat 4x Rare DNA

Generation 3 EggsEdit

Egg Cost
Wolf 4x Rare DNA
Frog 4x Rare DNA
Clownfish 4x Rare DNA
Spider 4x Rare DNA
Alligator 4x Rare DNA
Tiger 4x Rare DNA
Crab 2x Epic DNA
Giraffe 2x Epic DNA
Hippopotamus 2x Epic DNA
Ostrich 2x Epic DNA

Generation 4 EggsEdit

Egg Cost
Polar Bear 4x Rare DNA
Butterfly 4x Rare DNA
Dragonfly 4x Rare DNA
Orange Kitty 4x Rare DNA
Salamander 4x Rare DNA
Ferret 4x Rare DNA
Pony 2x Epic DNA
Otter 2x Epic DNA
Cobra 2x Epic DNA
Snail 2x Epic DNA

Generation 5 EggsEdit

Egg Cost
Fox 4x Rare DNA
Moth 4x Rare DNA
Zebra 4x Rare DNA
Gerbil 4x Rare DNA
Bat 4x Rare DNA
Jaguar 4x Rare DNA
Wasp 2x Epic DNA
Platypus 2x Epic DNA
Gazelle 2x Epic DNA
Snowy Owl 2x Epic DNA

Generation 6 EggsEdit

Egg Cost
Chinchilla 4x Common DNA
Grey Squirrel 4x Common DNA
Porcupine 4x Common DNA
White Swan 4x Common DNA
Koala 4x Common DNA
Lobster 4x Common DNA
Orange Dart Frog 2x Uncommon DNA
Pelican 2x Uncommon DNA
Forest Fairy 2x Uncommon DNA
Triceratops 2x Uncommon DNA

Generation 7 EggsEdit

Egg Cost
Boar 4x Common DNA
Crow 4x Common DNA
Blobfish 4x Common DNA
Chameleon 4x Common DNA
Donkey 4x Common DNA
Mandrill 4x Common DNA
Ocelot 2x Uncommon DNA
Rooster 2x Uncommon DNA
Emu 2x Uncommon DNA
Wombat 2x Uncommon DNA
Grey Emu 2x Uncommon DNA

Generation 8 EggsEdit

You must have at least 5 Generation 8 pets to buy the following eggs:

Egg Cost
Maned Wolf 4x Common DNA
Great White Shark 4x Common DNA
Tufted Deer 4x Common DNA
Archaeopteryx 4x Common DNA
Okapi 4x Common DNA
Tasmanian Devil 4x Common DNA
Opossum 2x Uncommon DNA
Spotted Hyena 2x Uncommon DNA
Manticore 2x Uncommon DNA
Bandicoot 2x Uncommon DNA
Black Maned Wolf 1x Unique DNA
Fire Tufted Deer 1x Unique DNA
Rainbow Archaeopteryx 1x Unique DNA
Pink Okapi 1x Unique DNA
Purple Opossum 1x Unique DNA
Striped Hyena 1x Unique DNA

Pets Available at PAGASEdit

Name Possible AttributesBonus Given (1 to 40)DescriptionCost
Tan Rocket Rabbit
Tan Rocket Rabbit Energy%⅝% to 25%He'll rocket his way into your heart1x  Unique DNA
Blue T-Rex Nothings%-½% to -20%Based on the latest research, they may have been this color!1x  Unique DNA
Teal Dragon
Teal Dragon Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%Blends well with the sky, making them excellent hunters1x  Unique DNA
Tan Dog Power%½% to 20%He gets lost in the snow easily. Not a very good rescue dog1x  Unique DNA
Green Raptor Mana%½% to 20%It's a radioactive raptor! Eek!1x  Unique DNA
Purple Penguin Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%He's really, really cold.1x  Unique DNA
Pink Pegasus Mana%⅝% to 25%The blond hair is a rare mutation.1x  Unique DNA
Red Monkey Gems%½% to 20%He's really curious1x  Unique DNA
Purple Ladybug Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%She's a royal Lady. Bug.1x  Unique DNA
Purple Skunk Nothings to energy, mana, and power½% to 20%Smells like lavender!1x  Unique DNA
Pink Kitten Witch Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%She'll put a spell on you!1x  Unique DNA
Orange Fairy Gems%½% to 20%It's a slightly more evil fairy.1x  Unique DNA
Rocket Rabbit
Rocket Rabbit Energy%⅝% to 25%He rides around on an egg rocket. He's pretty hardcore.2x  Unique DNA
Cool Dude Flamingo
Cool Dude Flamingo Nothings%-¾% to -30%This extremely rare pet was previously only available near the launch of the Tropical Islands.2x  Unique DNA
T-Rex Nothings to energy½% to 20%This guy was originally available during the Sommer Sports Event of 20132x  Unique DNA
Sporty T-Rex
Sporty T-Rex Nothings to Mana½% to 20%This bis guy was originally available during the Sommer Sports Event of 20132x  Unique DNA
Rocket Buffalo
Rocket Buffalo Puzzle Pc.%⅜% to 15%He's clinging on for dear life. He's not relaxing.2x  Unique DNA
Rocket Moose
Rocket Moose Puzzel pc.%⅜% to 15%Don't worry he's hanging there by choice. He's relaxing.2x  Unique DNA
Gunslinger Duck
Gunslinger Duck Nothing to Mana⅝% to 25%Go ahead. Make its day.2x  Unique DNA
Cotton Candy Duck
Cotton Candy Duck Nothing to Energy⅝% to 25%It smells delicious!2x  Unique DNA
Name Possible AttributesBonus Given (1 to 40)DescriptionCost
Nate Duck
Nate Duck Nothings-¾% to -30%Much more responsible than its namesake2x  Unique DNA
Jason Beaver
Jason Beaver Puzzle pc.⅜% to 15%Please take him. We don't want him anymore.2x  Unique DNA
Creepy Pumpkin
Creepy Pumpkin Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%This Creepy Pumpkin will help you whack bushes!2x  Unique DNA
Kitten Witch
Kitten Witch Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%Breaking the stereotype of the warty old witch is this adorable kitten!2x  Unique DNA
Emo Werewolf
Emo Werewolf Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%Maybe he didn't get the girl, or maybe he did. Either way, he's sad.2x  Unique DNA
Pilgrim Kitty
Pilgrim Kitty Quest items⅜% to 15%This little Kitty was the first Kitty to settle the new world.2x  Unique DNA
Turkey Hunter
Turkey Hunter Puzzle pc.⅜% to 15%Watch out! This little guy is out for vengence.2x  Unique DNA
Pilgrim Squirrel
Pilgrim Squirrel Runes⅝% to 25%This little guy will sniff out all the best stuff for you.2x  Unique DNA
Christmas Kitty
Christmas Kitty Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%He has the most adorable run you've ever seen.2x  Unique DNA
Chilly Penguin
Chilly Penguin Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%Slip'n'slides around on his unmeltable ice block!2x  Unique DNA
Mini Grinch
Mini Grinch Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%He's a little heartless, but I'm sure it'll grow a few sizes by Christmas.2x  Unique DNA
Girl Dragon
Girl Dragon Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%A fearsome girl dragon - once kept as pets by the dragon family.2x  Unique DNA
Boy Dragon
Boy Dragon Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%A fearsome boy dragon - once kept as pets by the dragon family.2x  Unique DNA
Dragon Kitten
Dragon Kitten Puzzle pc.⅜% to 15%A fearsome kitten dressed up as a dragon. Dawwww!2x  Unique DNA
Fefe Nothings to energy, mana, and power½% to 20%This adorable little skunk is a real charmer.2x  Unique DNA
Cupug Nothings to energy, mana, and power½% to 20%This little guy will shoot you right in the heart...with love2x  Unique DNA
Unicorn Nothings to energy, mana, and power½% to 20%Catch her before she disappears forever!2x  Unique DNA
Rainboo Mana⅝% to 25%A super rare Rainbow Pegasus!2x  Unique DNA
Lucky Gold¾% to 30%A super cute Leprechaun Kitty!2x  Unique DNA
Name Possible AttributesBonus Given (1 to 40)DescriptionCost
Shamrock Energy⅝% to 25%A super tough Irish Setter!2x  Unique DNA
Barkley Nothings to energy½% to 20%Man's best friend. He'll never leaf your side.2x  Unique DNA
Chocolate Rabbit
Chocolate Rabbit Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%Careful in hot places - it might melt!2x  Unique DNA
Marshmallow Peep
Marshmallow Peep Energy⅝% to 25%This little guy sure likes to peep.2x  Unique DNA
Ukrainian Egg
Ukrainian Egg Puzzle pc.⅜% to 15%Handcrafted by monks...and then given feet! Amazing!2x  Unique DNA
Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%She's absolutely adorable. Just look at those cute little ears!2x  Unique DNA
Ladybug Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%Contrary to popular belief, the number of spots don't indicate its age.2x  Unique DNA
Baby Pig
Baby Pig Nothings to energy, mana, and power⅝% to 25%He stomps around in his little orange gumboots2x  Unique DNA
Bully Bonus Rune Dust when you whack up a rune1½% to 60%Ruff ruff!2x  Unique DNA
Honker Mana⅝% to 25%Honk honk!2x  Unique DNA
Bouncy Nothings-¾% to -30%Boing boing!2x  Unique DNA

DNA for SaleEdit

DNA Cost
Uncommon DNA Uncommon DNA 10 Bush Buck
Rare DNA Rare DNA 30 Bush Buck
Epic DNA Epic DNA 90 Bush Buck
Unique DNA Unique DNA 270 Bush Buck
UniqueDNAPack Unique DNA Pack (4  Unique DNA) 810 Bush Buck

Daily QuestsEdit

Vincent, the local PAGAS Representative has received word from headquarters to begin offering daily missions for you and your equipped pet, and gain some much needed experience. Check back with Vincent daily, for a random chance of one of six (6) possible dailies, focused around training a well behaved companion. Each daily quest rewards a Quester's Satchel and XP for whatever pet you have equipped in the moment. Completing all 6 will unlock an achievement and a new title! 

Mission Task Reward
Pet Training - Cones of Shame Find 12 Cones of Shame 250 pet XP + Quests Satchel
Last night some hooligans broke into our storage crate and stole all of our Cones of Shame! We can't perform augmentations on pets without them, so I need you to find them and bring them back. Last I heard, they were sticking them on innocent bystander's heads out in the wild. If you see any while you're out there, please bring them back to us!
Pet Training - Collars Find 24 Collars 250 pet XP + Quests Satchel
Did you know that nearly any pet type can wear a collar? It's helpful if your pet gets lost and someone else finds it. We're running a little low, so if you can find me some collars, maybe I can teach your pet a thing or two.
Pet Training - Leashes Find 20 Leashes 250 pet XP + Quests Satchel
Sometimes you've got to keep a tighter rein on what your pets are doing. For that, we suggest using leashes, and I'll make sure your pet knows how to act when they're tied to one.
Pet Training - Bush Whacking Whack 100 bushes 250 pet XP + Quests Satchel
A good pet is okay a whacking bushes, but a great pet is amazing at it! Your pet won't get any better without practice, so go out and whack some bushes with your pet right now!
Pet Training - Harnesses Find 16 Harnesses 250 pet XP + Quests Satchel
For really heavy duty training here at PAGAS, we use harnesses. They keep a pet comfortable while giving the owner complete control over them. Can you find us some new ones? The ones I have are getting kind of old.
Pet Training - Critter Chasing Whack 20 Critters 250 pet XP + Quests Satchel
It's important that your pet be able to effectively tell friends from foe. Why don't you take yours out and show him how to whack critters! They have a distinct aura about them, so this training will really be effective for your pet.


Master Trainer
Master Trainer
Master TrainerComplete all 6 of Vincent's questsTitle "Master Trainer" + 10 Gold