Spring Event 2014Edit

Each pack includes an animal, a Rune, 100 Buck and a level 15 Pet Treat.

Name Possible AttributesBonus Given (1 to 40)DescriptionCost
Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox Turns some of your Nothing wins into Chocolate (random energy, mana, and power)25%She's absolutely adorable. Just look at those cute little ears!200
Ladybug Turns some of your Nothing wins into Leaves (random energy, mana, and power)25%Contrary to popular belief, the number of spots don't indicate its age.200
Baby Pig
Baby Pig Turns some of your Nothing wins into Mud (random energy, mana, and power)25%He stomps around in his little orange gumboots200
Spring Chicken 2014
Spring Chicken 2014 Max power+15Cluckity cluck cluck.Reach 1200
Spring points in
Spring Event 2014

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