Name Description Cost
Barrel 50 Gold
Crate 50 Gold
Fence 100 Gold
Hay Bale
Hay Bale 10 Gold
Water Barrel
Water Barrel 50 Gold
Blue Carpet
Blue Carpet 10 Gold
Bush Picture
Bush Picture 100 Gold
Gray Carpet
Gray Carpet 10 Gold
Flower Pot
Flower Pot 50 Gold
Heart Picture
Heart Picture 100 Gold
Lamp 100 Gold
Pink Carpet
Pink Carpet 10 Gold
Red Carpet
Red Carpet 10 Gold
Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat 250 Gold
500 Gold Pile
500 Gold Pile 500 Gold
5000 Gold Pile
5000 Gold Pile 5 000 Gold
25000 Gold as Bars
25000 Gold as Bars 25 000 Gold
Poker Set
Poker Set 5 Bush Buck
Gazebo 15 Bush Buck
Wooden Bed
Wooden Bed 15 Bush Buck
Wooden Couch
Wooden Couch 15 Bush Buck
Ranch Tractor
Ranch Tractor Place this on your ranch and till/harvest all your farm plots with a single click49 Bush Buck
Water Tower
Water Tower Place this on your ranch and automatically increase the yield from crops by 15%Purchase Adventure Pack
Energy Statue
Energy Statue Place this on your ranch and click it to get 150 Energy (every 20 hours)Purchase Expert Pack
Red Casino Carpet
Red Casino Carpet 20 Casino Token
Black Casino Carpet
Black Casino Carpet 20 Casino Token
Poker Table
Poker Table 20 Casino Token
Television 20 Casino Token
Flux Tile
Flux Tile 10 Template:Flux Dust

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