Area Location Picture
1 The Mysterious Forest Entrance from Tutorial Shore
2 The Mysterious Forest On the path to Your House
3 The Mysterious Forest Below the NPC between the two lower fields
4 The Mysterious Forest Just up from the exit to the commons
5 The Forest Detour top-right above field 5
6 The Forest Detour under the lower bridge Picture
7 The Shady Forest top-right
8 The Dusty Incline Just above girl who drank too much water at lowest field, seen in hole in the stone arch
9 The Windy Crest over the river east of field 3 next to a chest
10 The Desert Ranch When youre about to enter in the Dusty Loop, behind the worm suppressor - above field five Picture
11 The Dusty Loop Near the field located north (south of it, partially shown) Picture
12 The Narrow Sea next to the sign on the side of the second island
13 The Hermits House 1 egg above the house next to a tree Picture
14 Northern Swamp End of area (near the exit to the Base Camp) by the trees beside the fence Picture
15 Deep Swamp almost hidden in a patch of mud in the top-right field Picture
16 The Base Camp in the very bottom right corner of the area (to the bottom right of the small ice patch *east* of the hockey stick field) Picture
17 The Avalanche Runout bottom of the area to the right of the SBA entrance
18 The Mountain Peak behind snowman up the hill via ski lift Picture
19 The Dusky Woods behind a tombstone near the person in the cemetary on the bottom right
20 The Creepy Crevice immediately north of field 2 partly obscured by a stone Picture
21 Port Black Wood south-east hiding next to a lamp post
22 The Settlers Thicket south-west behind the tree stump Picture
23 Vacatau Island Field 3 behind lifeguard stand Picture
24 Feeshi Island below field 1 behind a bush Picture
25 Upper Juau Island North behind surfboards/above blond guy near second field Picture
26 Desert City Gate southwest of field 3, nearly fully obscured by palmtrees
27 The Abandoned Bazaar left side of field two behind a stake Picture
28 The Ancient Port behind pots just above field 3 Picture
29 The Jungle Outskirts below the Bushbucks coffee stand in a bush Picture
30 The Tribal Village north-east of the top-right field Picture
31 The Jungle Temple right of the entrance behind a rock on the first level of the temple Picture
32 The Crystal Mine Entrance in the loot corner next to the southernmost field
33 Main Mine North of Field 2 Picture
34 Molten core North of Field 3 behind pink gem Picture
35 Castle Courtyard northwest of Field 3 Picture
36 Caster Interior when going up the main hall youll see one on the left - just go up and around Picture
37 Castle Basement bottom-right corner, hidden behind some crates Picture
38 Secret Harbor at the far bottom-left corner
39 The Great Ocean behind palm tree at the northeast of the island Picture
40 The Shallow Reef bottom right field behind seaweed Picture
41 Mermaid City bottom right corner hiding next to a coral Picture
42 Murky Depths bottom right field behind seaweed Picture
43 Krakens Lair behind seaweed behind treasure chest in field 3 Picture
44 Isles Edge from field 2 down the beach obscured by a rock
45 Torrid Top field 3
46 Mushroom Shore by baker on far left field Picture
47 Sporing Forest on the path just before the bridge that ends across the stream from the bulldozer.
48 Mushroom Core fourth field lower right side
49 Spring Thicket south of field 1
50 Autumnal Forest by trees on right in field 2 Picture
51 SBA1 - The Mysterious Forest north of field Picture
52 SBA6 - The Rocky Decline see picture Picture
53 SBA11 - Lower Evergreen Forest see picture
54 SBA14 - The Western Swamp see picture Picture
55 SBA28 - Lower Juau Island to the right of the field Picture
56 SBA33 - The Crumbling Palace next to the chest, Need to complete the puzzle first Picture
57 SBA40 - The Mine Collapse east of the field before the lava-must complete puzzle Picture
58 SBA60 - The Summer Village north of the field
59 The Ice Cave How to get there Where the egg is
60 Amicus Island in the bar hut on floor Picture

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