Explorer's League

After completing the Skyscraper Addition questline, you become a member of the Explorer's league. They can assign you quests, and you can buy things from their store.


The first mission became available on November 6, 2015. From the in-game news item: “Have you built the fourth floor of the Skyscraper in the Commons? Have you completed the Molten Core area in the caves? Then you need to talk to the Town Crier to start on your most devious challenge yet! The Explorer's League has heard some rumors, and you're who they call when they need someone to follow them up! This is the first part of a series of quests involving an ancient, powerful artifact that everybody wants to get their hands on!”

(Note: You do have to complete the Molten Core. It's possible to advance past it without finishing all the puzzles, but this doesn't count as completion.)

Here is the official Codename blog.

☀ This BW Bigfish forum post has a *SPOILER* list. Scroll down to see spoiler list is in chronological, or world (roughly west-to-east), order. This is the order in which the boxes will appear in your inventory. The forum post has a number of good hints so read all of it for helpful hints, should you need them. EG: The locations of all the lock-boxes that you find are shown in your inventory. Just click on the "Key Items" tab.

☀ There is a Fishing area nearby in a lot of the areas, so you can replenish your energy without teleporting. (And it's an excuse to fish up any decorations or gear you may have missed prior!)
Mission Task Reward
To The Explorer's League! Meet Josephine at the Explorer's League 2%LevelledXP
Josephine, the leader of the Explorer's League, would like to talk to you on the Fourth Floor of the Skyscraper in the Commons. Head up there whenever you get a chance.
Explorer's League: Hidden Lockboxes Find the 20 Lockboxes
Talk to Fiona in the Mysterious Forest
Talk to Scars in the Molten Core
+20 Max Energy
2Large Energy Pack · 6%LevelledXP
The Explorer's League has gotten wind of a very old and very powerful artifact. They'd like your help to find clues to help them track it down. Apparently there are 20 Ancient Lockboxes scattered around Bushwhackia in SPECIFIC FIELDS between the Mysterious Forest and the Molten Core, inclusive. Fiona can be found in the Mysterious Forest, and will help you find the Lockbox located there. Scars has been assigned to the Molten Core, and can help you out there. As for the other 18 Lockboxes, you'll need to scour the fields in the zones between those two for some subtle sign of them.

NOTE: Explorer's League quests are intended to be challenging scavenger hunts spanning the entirety of Bushwhackia! Good luck!
Explorer's League: Lockbox Keys Meet Kryptik in Port Blackwood. Help him with his tasks so that he crafts the keys you need to open the Lockboxes. 6%LevelledXP or Gold 30x Level · 2Large Energy Pack ·
{+10 Max Mana}
Josephine, the leader of the Explorer's League, would like to talk to you on the Fourth Floor of the Skyscraper in the Commons. Head up there whenever you get a chance. You’ve found 20 Lockboxes, but thus far the Explorer’s League hasn’t been able to open any of them. They’ve gotten wind of an infamous “locksmith” who is visiting Port Blackwood. Head there and convince him to help you craft keys to open the Lockboxes. He will give you cryptic clues to SBA throughout Bushwhackia where he has hidden his supplies. When you return them to him, he will craft a key for one of the Lockboxes. This is a daily repeating task. More information can be found here Explorer's League Quest Part 2

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Store Edit

The Explorer's League has a store, but there's nothing in it at this time.