Name Description Source
Round Glasses
Round Glasses They make you look smarter. Trust me.The Forest Detour
Super Hero Mask
Super Hero Mask For concealing your identity!The Dusty Incline
Groucho Glasses
Groucho Glasses A clever disguise!The Windy Crest
Rose Tinted Glasses
Rose Tinted Glasses So pink!The Rocky Decline Secret Bonus Area
Blue Glasses
Blue Glasses Blue sun glasses!The Desert Ranch
Scuba Mask
Scuba Mask Don't get it wet.Fishing spot in The Narrow Sea
Wooden Glasses
Wooden Glasses Very stylish.Upper Evergreen Forest
Tiny Glasses
Tiny Glasses For your little eyes.Lower Evergreen Forest
Green Glasses
Green Glasses A favorite with sassy librarians.The Northern Swamp
Safety Goggles
Safety Goggles Just in case the bushes are extra splintery.The Deep Swamp
Ski Goggles
Ski Goggles Cut down on snow glare!The Avalanche Runout
Villain Mask
Villain Mask More evil than the hero mask.The Mountain Peak
Half Moon Glasses
Half Moon Glasses For wizards onlyThe Sickened Stream
Phantom Mask
Phantom Mask For days when you have to cover half of your faceThe Settler's Thicket
Red Sunglasses
Red Sunglasses Protect your peepers.Feeshi Island
Flight Goggles
Flight Goggles Too bad you can't fly :(Lower Juau Island
Aviator Glasses
Aviator Glasses Perfect for desert sunshine and weather.The Desert City Gate
Leopard Print Glasses
Leopard Print Glasses Very sassy!The Jungle Outskirts
Jeweler's Glasses
Jeweler's Glasses Great for examining loot.The Main Mine

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