Dark Sun Glasses
Dark Sun Glasses You are probably hiding something.Patriot Event 2012
Ghostly Glasses
Ghostly Glasses Can also be used to watch 3d films.Halloween Event 2012
Heart Glasses
Heart Glasses You've only got eyes for these glasses!Valentine's Event 2013
Rabbit Nose
Rabbit Nose You can smell all sorts of stuff with this!Easter Event 2013
Spring Sunglasses
Spring Sunglasses Stylish eyewear for spring-time.Spring Event 2013
Smiley Glasses
Smiley Glasses Smile with your eyes.Summer Carnival 2013
Swimming Goggles
Swimming Goggles So you can see underwater. That may just come in handy!Dog Days of Summer 2013
Pie Glasses
Pie Glasses Mmmm, Pie.Thanksgiving 2013
Grinch Mask
Grinch Mask Pooh-pooh to the Whos! Part of the Grinch Set! (It's Eyewear!)Christmas Event 2013
Rainbow Glasses
Rainbow Glasses Enhanced rainbow vision!Saint Patrick's Day Event 2014
Tragedy Mask
Tragedy Mask Unleash your inner muse and get on stage with the Tragedy Mask.Completing Prop Master
Comedy Mask
Comedy Mask Aspiring stand up comedians, your time is now! With the Comedy Mask.Completing Prop Master
Hamburger Glasses
Hamburger Glasses These glasses are perfect for your backyard barbecue!Patriot Event 2014

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