Farming BasicsEdit

As of 7/20/12, players can grow crops at their house to generate additional Gold or Energy. After completing the first mission of A Market for All and accepting the second mission, players are given 4 Dirt Plots to place in their House area with which to grow Crops. There are two types of Crops: Energy Crops and Gold Crops which drop their respective items when harvested.

Upon completing the second mission of A Market for All - "Fresh Produce" - Farmer McDonald will offer Daily Farming Quests and sell additional Dirt Plots for Gold and Fertilizer (makes your plants grow much faster) for Bush Bucks.  Each unit of Fertilizer cuts growing time by 1 hour per bag.

In game buddies can come to your ranch and use up to 5 actions per day to assist your crops, either by contributing to a larger crop payout or by restoring crops that have withered. Each friend click on a growing plant increases the yield by 10%.  10 friends can help per plot up to a maximum of a 100% increase.

Dirt PlotsEdit

You can only purchase additional Dirt Plots equal to the number of area expansions you've bought for your House up to a max of 20 plots (16 expansions).

Name Cost
Dirt Plot Additional Dirt Plot 500 Gold
20 Fertilizer 20 Fertilizer (4 Bags/Buck) 5 Bush Buck
50 Fertilizer 50 Fertilizer (5 Bags/Buck) 10 Bush Buck
100 Fertilizer 100 Fertilizer (5.5 Bags/Buck) 18 Bush Buck
Ranch Tractor Ranch Tractor (Quick till/harvest) 49 Bush Buck
Water Tower Water Tower (+15% Crop Yield) Expert Pack
150 Facebook Credits
Sprinkler (Unwither crop) 150 Bush Buck
Seed Spreader Seed Spreader (Plant all available plots with a selected seed) VIP Token

Plant Splicing Unlock Quests Edit

Buying the 17th ranch expansion unlocks a series of quests, eventually giving you your own Plant Splicing Station! You can read the official Codename blog for this here.
Mission Task Reward
All Out of Plots Find a Microscope
Find 10 Scalpels
Gold 10x Level
Old MacDonald is out of plots for you, but he has an idea for something else that might be even better. Find a microscope and some scalpel blades in bushes, then return to him in the Commons.
Testing Materials Find 20 Young Apple Tree Sprigs
Find 20 Mature Apple Tree Sprigs
Gold 10x Level
Old MacDonald would like to test out the plant splicing station he's constructed before he gives it to you. Find some young apple tree sprigs and some mature apple sprigs in bushes, and bring them to Old MacDonald in the Commons.
Now We Wait Wait for the research to be completed... Gold 30x Level · Plant Splicing Station
Old MacDonald is testing out his test splice to see if it takes. It'll take about an hour before he knows for sure. Return to Old MacDonald in an hour or so to see if it was successful.

Available CropsEdit

There are two types of Crops: Energy Crops and Gold Crops, which drop their respective items when harvested. Once crops mature you have 24 hours to harvest them or they'll wither (based on when you planted them and how long they normally take to grow). Withered crops can be brought back to life if a friend visits your ranch and uses their daily actions on your crops. Initially you only have access to Strawberries and Corn, but more crops unlock as you level (see chart below).

Energy CropsEdit

Energy Crops are typically fruits and provide a certain amount of Energy when harvested.

Name Time to Grow Cost Cost per Energy Earnings Level Required
Strawberries Strawberries 1 hour 8 Gold 2 Gold 4 Energy
Pineapple Pineapple 8 hours 30 Gold 1.7 Gold 18 Energy
Watermelon Watermelon 20 hours 69 Gold 1.4 Gold 48 Energy
Blueberries Blueberries 45 minutes 10 Gold 2 Gold 5 Energy
Grapes Grapes 4 hours 37 Gold 1.7 Gold 22 Energy
Passion Fruit Passion Fruit 16 hours 122 Gold 1.4 Gold 85 Energy
Raspberries Raspberries 40 minutes 12 Gold 2 Gold 6 Energy
Cantaloupe Cantaloupe 6 Hours 75 Gold 1.7 Gold 45 Energy
Honeydew Honeydew 24 hours 172 Gold 1.4 Gold 120 Energy
Kiwifruit Kiwifruit 48 hours 382 Gold 1.8 Gold 207 Energy
Figs Figs 36 hours 308 Gold 1.8 Gold 172 Energy
Blackberry Blackberry 10 hours 105 Gold 1.4 Gold 76 Energy
Crab Apple Crab Apple 2 hours 52 Gold 3.25 Gold 16 Energy
Red Currant Red Currant 18 hours 178 Gold 1.65 Gold 108 Energy
Food 2 Oranges 6 hours 426 Gold 7.47 Gold 57 Energy
Food 4 Bananas 20 hours 1416 Gold 8.33 Gold 170 Energy

Bananas and Oranges (along with Cabbage and Squash) may be unlocked by completing the seeds quest in The Explorer's Camp. Once unlocked, they may be planted normally and improved via the splicer like crops unlocked by leveling.

Based on these numbers, Oranges are the most efficient Energy-generating crop, giving 9.5 Energy per hour, followed by Raspberries (9), Bananas (8.5), Crab Apple (8), Blackberry (7.6), Cantaloupe (7.5), Blueberries (6.67), Red Currant (6), Grapes (5.5), Passion Fruit (5.3), Honeydew (5), Figs (4.8), Kiwifruit (4.3), Strawberries (4), Watermelon (2.4), and Pineapple (2.25).

From a cost return standpoint, Blackberry, Hon​eydew, Watermelon and Passion Fruit generate 1 unit of Energy per 1.4 Gold, making them the most cost-effective crops.

Gold CropsEdit

Gold Crops include vegetables, grains, and roots and provide a certain amount of Gold when harvested.

Name Time to Grow Cost Earnings Profit Level Required
Corn Corn 20 hours 35 Gold 135 Gold 100 Gold
Peas Peas 8 hours 15 Gold 63 Gold 48 Gold
Carrots Carrots 1 hour 4 Gold 11 Gold 7 Gold
Wheat Wheat 16 hours 62 Gold 190 Gold 128 Gold
Potatoes Potatoes 4 hours 30 Gold 66 Gold 36 Gold
Radishes Radishes 45 minutes 13 Gold 21 Gold 8 Gold
Pumpkins Pumpkins 24 hours 104 Gold 368 Gold 264 Gold
Tomatoes Tomatoes 6 hours 36 Gold 108 Gold 72 Gold
Cucumber Cucumber 40 minutes 19 Gold 28 Gold 9 Gold
Beets Beets 36 hours 176 Gold 680 Gold 504 Gold
Broccoli Broccoli 10 hours 143 Gold 288 Gold 145 Gold
Celery Celery 48 hours 451 Gold 1,171 Gold 720 Gold
Pepper Peppers 18 hours 192 Gold 471 Gold 279 Gold
Seaweed Seaweed 2 hours 67 Gold 99 Gold 32 Gold
Squash 6 hours 308 Gold 426 Gold 118 Gold
Cabbage 20 hours 837 Gold 1217 Gold 380 Gold (19/hour) Quest

Cabbage and Squash (along with Oranges and Bananas) may be unlocked by completing the seeds quest in The Explorer's Camp. Once unlocked, they may be planted normally and improved via the splicer like crops unlocked by leveling.

Based on these numbers, Squash is the most efficient Gold-generating crop, giving a profit of 19.67 Gold per hour, followed by Cabbage (19), Seaweed (16), Peppers (15.5), Celery (15), Broccoli (14.5), Beets (14), Cucumbers (13.5), Tomatoes (12), Pumpkins (11), Radishes (10.67), Potatoes (9), Wheat (8), Carrots (7), Peas (6) and Corn (5).

Quest CropsEdit

Name Time to Grow Cost Earnings Requirements
Magic Beans Magic Beans x 4 4 hours Quest Item Random Small Mana Potion, Small Power Potion, Gold and Energy. General Store
Super Blueberries Super Blueberries x level/10 45 minutes Quest Reward 50 Energy per Super Blueberries planted. Daily Quests Quester’s Satchel
Spring Seeds Spring Seeds (Labelled by the choices made, eg AAA, BAB)
x unlimited while Event is running
4 / 20 hrs
or 3 / 15 hrs
Quest Reward Variable Energy / Gold (based on choices made) per Spring Seeds planted. Farmer MacDonald's Spring Adventure Spring Event 2015
Mushroom Mushroom X 50 20 hrs Chest 200 Energy and 500 Gold per Mushroom planted. The Spore Castle secret bonus area
Dusty Bean Seeds Dusty Bean Seeds 10 hrs Chest Four rare alchemical dusts each. A chest in The Cirrus Meadow (Puzzle 3 of Field3)
SuperFruit Seeds SuperFruit Seeds 16 hrs Quest Reward 160 Energy per plant. The Blighted Basin (SBA 67)
SuperWheat Seeds SuperWheat Seeds 16 hrs Quest Reward 800 Gold per plant. The Blighted Basin (SBA 67)
InfectedPlains MutatedBerrySeeds Mutated Berry Seeds 18 hrs Quest Reward 135 Energy per plant. Sanctuary Village
InfectedPlains MutatedPepperSeed Mutated Pepper Seeds 18 hrs Quest Reward 706 Gold per plant. Sanctuary Village

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