Name Description
Top Hat
Top Hat It's such a silly hat for Bush Whacking!The Mysterious Forest
Elf Hat
Elf Hat A green forest hat.The Mysterious Forest
Viking Helm
Viking Helm A horned helmet.The Mysterious Forest
Scuba Helmet
Scuba Helmet Warning: Do not submerse!Fishing Spot in The Mysterious Forest
Lumberjack Hat
Lumberjack Hat It's just like Jim's!The Commons Lumberjack Quest
Captain's Hat
Captain's Hat Boat not included.Fishing Spot in The Commons
Wizard Hat
Wizard Hat A wizard hat.The Forest Detour
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat For Cowboys.The Forest Detour
Party Hat
Party Hat Party Time!The Shady Forest
Iron Helmet
Iron Helmet A Metal Helm.The Shady Forest
Fireman's Hat
Fireman's Hat Increase how heroic you look by 100%Nate's Forest Adventure
Dinosaur Skull Hat
Dinosaur Skull Hat Rawwr!The Dusty Incline
Police Hat
Police Hat Respect my authorita!The Dusty Incline
Pink Hat
Pink Hat For wearing on a nice summers day.The Windy Crest
Baseball Cap
Baseball Cap A classicThe Windy Crest
Fishing Cap
Fishing Cap For lazy days on the lakeFishing Spot in The Windy Crest
Moose Antlers Hat
Moose Antlers Hat He wasn't using them anymore.The Rocky Decline
Sheriff Hat
Sheriff Hat The New Law In TownThe Desert Ranch
Sombrero Good for holding chips!The Desert Ranch
Conductor's Hat
Conductor's Hat I choo-choo-choose this hatThe Desert Ranch Secret Bonus Area
Fox Hat
Fox Hat Poor fox.The Dusty Loop
Straw Hat
Straw Hat A classic sun protection deviceThe Dusty Loop
Pharaoh Hat
Pharaoh Hat Not just for mummies!The Desert Temple Ruins
Desert Cap
Desert Cap Protecting you from the harmful desert sun!The River's Source
Bonnet Nothing like a flowery bonnet to keep the sun out of your face.The River's Source
Bear Hat
Bear Hat Roar!Lower Evergreen Forest
Stump Hat
Stump Hat It was a tree!Lower Evergreen Forest
Hunting Cap
Hunting Cap Fuzzy and plaid!Lower Evergreen Forest
Jeweled Crown
Jeweled Crown A crown. It has pretty jewels.Nate's Evergreen Adventure
Flower Band
Flower Band Peace!Lower Evergreen Secret Bonus Area
Lily Hat
Lily Hat Slightly Soggy.The Western Swamp
Hockey Mask
Hockey Mask Do you hear a chainsaw?The Western Swamp
Voodoo Top Hat
Voodoo Top Hat Classy!The Eastern Swamp
Cat Ears
Cat Ears Meow?The Eastern Swamp
Army Helmet
Army Helmet Protect your noggin!The Northern Swamp
Trucker Hat
Trucker Hat It's blue and white!The Deep Swamp
Hockey Helmet
Hockey Helmet Protect your noggin!The Base Camp
Ice Crown
Ice Crown Display your icey demeanor!The Avalanche Runout
Angry Penguin Hat
Angry Penguin Hat He woke up on the wrong side of the bed.The Avalanche Runout
Fur Hat
Fur Hat In Bush Whacker, hat wears you.The Mountain Peak
Ice Cube Hat
Ice Cube Hat Brain freeze!The Mountain Peak
Red Toque
Red Toque Knitted by someone's grandma!The Terrifying Traverse
Fur Lined Hood
Fur Lined Hood The rest of the jacket is missing.The Terrifying Traverse
Hazmat Hood
Hazmat Hood You never know when you'll encounter glowing green sludgeThe Dusky Woods
Fedora A must have when plundering the deep, dark, depths of the underworldNate's Mausoleum Adventure
Burlap Mask
Burlap Mask For the truly creepyThe Creepy Crevice
Red Hood
Red Hood Not to be confused with a Little Red Riding HoodThe Creepy Crevice
Gas Mask
Gas Mask What's that smell?The Sickened Stream
Root Hat
Root Hat Tree tentacles!The Sickened Stream
Ghost Mask
Ghost Mask Either it's a mask, or a ghost really loves your face.The Settler's Thicket
Witch Hat
Witch Hat Which hat? This hat!The Settler's Thicket
Shell Hat
Shell Hat A hat and a hiding place all in one.Vacatau Island
Moose Hat
Moose Hat Mooo...?Vacatau Island
Pot Hat
Pot Hat A pot, for your head.Vacatau Island
Shark Hat
Shark Hat Na na.... na na...Feeshi Island
Sun Visor
Sun Visor A must for any tourist.Feeshi Island
Tiki Mask
Tiki Mask Hand painted!Lower Juau Island
Fruit Hat
Fruit Hat Perfect for a snack emergency.Lower Juau Island
Sun Hat
Sun Hat To protect you delicate skin.Upper Juau Island
Head Wrap
Head Wrap You can wrap your head to keep things from escaping out of your ears.The Desert City Gate
Mummy Mask
Mummy Mask It will preserve your face for many years.The Abandoned Bazaar
Tusken Hat
Tusken Hat Perfect for raiding.The Ancient Port
Fez A tiny hat for your tinu head.The Crumbling Palace
Monkey Hat
Monkey Hat This hat will make you go bananas!The Jungle Outskirts
Safari Hat
Safari Hat No other hat will do for safari adventures.The Outer Temple Ruins
Vine Hat
Vine Hat The lastest in jungle fashionThe Tribal Village
Dundee Hat
Dundee Hat Excellent for scaring all of those jungle crocodiles!The Jungle Temple
Sand Worm Hat
Sand Worm Hat Don't panic, but there is something on your headThe Henderson's Ranch
Superhero Mask
Superhero Mask Protect your secret identity!The Crystal Mine Entrance
Headlamp Light your way.The Main Mine
Dwarven Helmet
Dwarven Helmet Comes with mustache.The Mine Collapse
Crystal Crown
Crystal Crown May cause headaches.The Molten Core
Volcano Hat Make a fashion statement with this explosive hat.The Idyllic Isles
Fire Hat Make a flaming statement with this Fire Hat.The Isle's Edge
Welding Hat Maximum protection for the fire in the mountain.The Isle's Edge
Gatsby Hat A cool hat for a hot climate.The Incandescent Ascent
Goat Horn Hat Pagan style.The Torrid Top

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