Circus Top Hat
Circus Top Hat The perfect hat to train companions.Pete's Circus
Spring Top Hat
Spring Top Hat It's so colorful and fun!Spring Event 2012
Chef Hat
Chef Hat For those who like to cook.Patriot Event 2012
USA Top Hat
USA Top Hat It's very patriotic.Patriot Event 2012
Fireworks Hat
Fireworks Hat It sparkles.Patriot Event 2012
Balloon Hat
Balloon Hat Squeak!Summer Carnival 2012
Bowler Very Dapper!Summer Carnival 2012
Pirate Hat
Pirate Hat Arrrr!Summer Carnival 2012
Junior Bush Wacker Hat
Junior Bush Wacker Hat For the young Bush Wacker!Junior Bush Whackers Event 2012
Scout Hat
Scout Hat Always be prepared.Junior Bush Whackers Event 2012
Dunce Cap
Dunce Cap Someone didn't do their homework.Junior Bush Whackers Event 2012
Jack-o-Lantern Hat
Jack-o-Lantern Hat Watch out for seeds.Halloween Event 2012
Cauldron Hat
Cauldron Hat You probably don't want to know what the green stuff is.Halloween Event 2012
Mummy Hat
Mummy Hat It smells kind of strange.Halloween Event 2012
Pilgrim Hat
Pilgrim Hat It arrived on the Mayflower!Thanksgiving 2012
Leaf Crown
Leaf Crown Made of leaves, and possibly some bugs.Thanksgiving 2012
Turkey Hat
Turkey Hat Gobble gobble!Thanksgiving 2012
Santa Hat
Santa Hat Ho ho ho!Christmas Event 2012
Elf Hat
Elf Hat Come with jinglebell.Christmas Event 2012
Light Hat
Light Hat It looks like you have several ideas!Christmas Event 2012
Reindeer Hat
Reindeer Hat For reindeer games!Christmas Event 2012
Snowman Hat
Snowman Hat It's a little chilly in here!Christmas Event 2012
Cupcake Hat
Cupcake Hat It looks deliciousValentine's Event 2013
Arrow Headband
Arrow Headband Lucky for you it's a fake arrow!Valentine's Event 2013
Cloche It'll keep the sun off your face while you're out picking clovers.Saint Patrick's Event 2013
Green Bowler
Green Bowler You'll never look more Irish than when you're wearing this hat.Saint Patrick's Event 2013
Green Top Hat
Green Top Hat It's a silly hat... And it's green!Saint Patrick's Event 2013
Rabbit Hat
Rabbit Hat A floppy pair of ears of your very own!Easter Event 2013
Egg Hat
Egg Hat Better than Egg on your face, I suppose.Easter Event 2013
Farming Hat
Farming Hat Blocks the sun from your eyes while you garden.Spring Event 2013
Farming Flower Hat
Farming Flower Hat Blocks the sun from your eyes while you garden -- in style.Spring Event 2013
Batting Helmet
Batting Helmet Protect your noggin while playing baseball.Sports Event 2013
Football Helmet
Football Helmet Protect your noggin while playing football.Sports Event 2013
Soccer Headband
Soccer Headband Play soccer in European-cool style.Sports Event 2013
Beaver Hat
Beaver Hat Better hope the beaver doesn't know on your head.Patriot Event 2013
Eagle Hat
Eagle Hat This hat doesn't give you eagle vision.Patriot Event 2013
Clown Hat
Clown Hat Funny looking! (haha)Summer Carnival 2013
Cotton Candy Hat
Cotton Candy Hat Fluffy, pink and stickly!Summer Carnival 2013
Pink Swimming Cap
Pink Swimming Cap Protects your virtual hair. And it's pink!Dog Days of Summer 2013
Blue Swimming Cap
Blue Swimming Cap Protects your virtual hair. And it's blue!Dog Days of Summer 2013
Propellor Hat
Propellor Hat Wheeeee!Junior Bush Whackers Event 2013
Green Beret
Green Beret A lovely shade of green.Junior Bush Whackers Event 2013
Monster Bride Wig
Monster Bride Wig This hairdo is electrifying!Halloween Event 2013
Batwing Hat
Batwing Hat Batwings in your belfry.Halloween Event 2013
Candy Corn Hat
Candy Corn Hat Sweet!Halloween Event 2013
Pumpkin Pile Hat
Pumpkin Pile Hat Making good use of the leftover pumpkins.Thanksgiving 2013
Cornucopia Hat
Cornucopia Hat A horn of plenty... on your head.Thanksgiving 2013
Grinch Santa Hat
Grinch Santa Hat He snarled with a sneer: Tomorrow is Christmas, it's practically here! Part of the Grinch Set! (It's a Hat!)Christmas Event 2013
Yeti Hat
Yeti Hat ABOMINABLE!!!!!!!!!Christmas Event 2013
Christmas Tree Hat
Christmas Tree Hat Don't forget to water it everyday.Christmas Event 2013
Nate Wig
Nate Wig Imitate Nate's Glorious hairdo! Part of the Nate set!Nate's Birthday 2014
Fire Extinguisher Hat
Fire Extinguisher Hat A good hat to wear around Nate.Nate's Birthday 2014
Dragon Hat
Dragon Hat This dragon hat will keep your head quite toasty.Nate's Birthday 2014
Rose Headband
Rose Headband No roses were harmed in the making of this hatValentine's Event 2014
Heart Crown
Heart Crown Ruler of HeartsValentine's Event 2014
Heart Antenna
Heart Antenna Tune into love!Valentine's Event 2014
Pot Of Gold Hat
Pot Of Gold Hat A lucky hat!Saint Patrick's Day Event 2014
Clover Hat
Clover Hat A hat to make any leprechaun jealous!Saint Patrick's Day Event 2014
Rainbow Wig
Rainbow Wig A magnificent rainbow for your head.Saint Patrick's Day Event 2014
Drink Hat
Drink Hat Keep cool and hydrated during those hot summer sport events!Summer Sports Event 2014
Soccer Hat
Soccer Hat Look like your teams biggest fan in this ridiculous plush soccer ball hat!Summer Sports Event 2014
Birthday Cake Hat
Birthday Cake Hat Who wouldn't want to wear a cake on their head?Patriot Event 2014
Statue of Liberty Hat
Statue of Liberty Hat For the very patriotic, celebrate your liberty with this Statue of Liberty Hat.Patriot Event 2014

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