Name Description Cost Location
Box Hat
Box Hat For covering up that lovely mug of yours!25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Devil Horns
Devil Horns Show off your inner demon!25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Halo Such an angel!25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Gladiator Helm
Gladiator Helm Get ready for the battle.25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Princess Hat
Princess Hat It's pink!25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Skull Hat
Skull Hat Wear insides on the outside!25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Zombie Hat
Zombie Hat Braaains!25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Ninja Mask
Ninja Mask Karate-bush-assassin.25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Cool Toque
Cool Toque Super cool.75 000 GoldAmicus Isle
Samurai Hat
Samurai Hat Comes with his own code of honor.2 EmeraldAmicus Isle
Adventure Hat
Adventure Hat A must for any hero!1 DiamondAmicus Isle
Unicorn Hat
Unicorn Hat Rare and made of 100% rainbows.50 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Steampunk Hat
Steampunk Hat The clock lets you know that it's steampunk time.50 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Elvis Hair Hat Live it up in the Casino with the Elvis Hair Hat !20 Casino TokenAmicus Isle
Feather Show Girl Hat
Feather Show Girl Hat Embrace your inner Liberace !20 Casino TokenAmicus Isle
Frog Hat
Frog Hat ?10 Template:Flux DustFlux Store

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