Hints of Yeti QuestEdit

"Discover traces of Yetis left thorughout the Spine of the World"

Quest Objectives:

Search for evidence of Yetis (out of 5)

  • YetiHint1
  • Yeti3
  • Yeti4


Evidence #1:

Treacherous Ascent- As you walk into the first field past the NPC you will see yeti footprints. Follow them up.

Evidence #2:

The Frozen Peak- 2nd field, walk past the NPC. Above the field is the yeti poo.

Evidence #3:

The Explorer's Camp- Between field 1 and field 2 go to upper right for Yeti Nest. Walk through field one, before you leave the field there is a path to upper right that leads to the nest.

Evidence #4:

The Path Through the Mountains- Field 2 upper left- yeti statue/monument

Evidence #5:

The Cliffs of Korak- The bottom of field 2. Follow the first brown path from the bridge to the yeti footprints


A Yeti Egg you can grow as a pet!!

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