This is a collection of the clues given out for the Amicus Isle Gem Hunt! Quest. You will randomly be given 6 of the following clues for the quest:

  1. "Near a split in the path is this orange bush; it'll give up its clue if you give it a push."
    • Yellow leaves directly behind Vacation Val.
  2. "Look for a bunch of rocks on the beach; The clue's in the tallest one that you can reach"
    • Tall rock in the Southeast secluded beach.
  3. "In the heart of the jungle is a wooden tiki face; just make sure you're looking in the right place"
    • On the path south through the jungle, it is the 2nd tiki face.
  4. "Some of these merchants don't make any sense; look for the next clue inside of their tents"
    • The tent on the far left has the next clue.
  5. "It's a bird.  It's a plane.  No, it's just a towel.  To spot this clue you need the eyes of an owl."
    • Superman cape towel in the Northwest beach.
  6. "A couple of starfish want to go drinking.  Click on them, get a clue - that's what I am thinking."
    • SW corner of the deck on the bar.
  7. "Find the right beach ball - it's not that hard, it's next to a tower complete with lifeguard."
    • By the lifeguard tower in the Southwest corner.
  8. "It's under construction - it might never be done; Look in the bricks to continue the fun."
    • Construction area just to the right of the shops. With the Casino update, it is now located more to the North East.
  9. "This little shovel is made out of a plastic; it's on the north-west beach, ain't that fantastic?"
    • Right where it says! 
  10. "Careful with this one, you might just get wet. Look in the crates and then you'll be set."
    • Water balloons in a crate by itself, in the sandy area in the center of the island.
  11. "On the southwest beach are a couple of tanners; look under their towels but remember your manners"
    • The 2 tones blue towel with the dude.
  12. "Don't smash this sand castle, that wouldn't be swell; it's on a secluded beach - which? I'll never tell"
    • The sand castle with the guy in the lower right corner of the island.
  13. "Just east of the waterfall's where you should go; look through the ferns to get into the know"
    • It's fern that is on Right side of waterfall just above two coconuts
  14. "It's the northern most surfboard that you can find; quick go and get it or you'll lose your mind"
    • NW corner just below the purple towel.
  15. "Look near the harbor for a half-buried crab; it's got the next clue for you to grab"
    • Following the coast south of the entrance to Amicus Isle, it is the first crab in the sand.
  16. "Sit down and relax on this wooden chair; if you're near the cabana you're pretty much there"
    • The wooden chair right beside the cabana bar.