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How do I get pets?Edit

Before you are able to own a pet/have a companion, you must complete the prerequisites in order to build The Stables (reach The Commons, build the Lumber Mill and The General Store). See The Commons Quests for more. You can also buy eggs and pets at PAGAS.

Companions ListEdit

Year-Round Pets Edit

You can acquire a Companion by either finding eggs for or purchasing eggs from Misty. You will most often find Gen 4 Eggs from whacking bushes, but you will sometimes find Gen 1-3 Eggs. You will never find a Gen 1-3 egg of a creature that you already have 2 or more of hatched and in your possession.

*The above information is likely outdated. According to the developers, only Gen 7 eggs should currently be found in bushes. Gen 1-6 may still be found in Quester's Satchels.

You can also purchase a level one pet from Hank, the stable hand. Hank has the ability to convert special animals from past events. Pets are also available on Amicus Isle.

2014 Event PetsEdit

Warning: These lists are way out of date (you may have guessed that by the year in the title). You can get better and more complete information by going to PAGAS and selecting "I'd like to see my Pets Progress".

Previous Events PetsEdit

Although Pets and Package Deals are only available during specific time periods, the Devs tend to make the Companions available for Bush Buck when the Event happens again.

Companions AttributesEdit

Contrary to what has been said by many players, it seems that the bonuses each hatched pet can have are NOT totally random. The data so far suggests that all pets are restricted from one to three possible attributes, different between pets.

Unlike Trinket Odds that decrease in effectiveness the higher your level, Pet odds are fixed percentages (level x base). Base depends on effect and pet. Most Pets bonus have 0.5% per level. Exceptions are '- Win Nothing' that have 0.625% base and '+ Win Puzzle' and ' Win Quest Items' that have 0.25%. Also all pets from Amicus Island Pet Saleswoman have 0.55% base.

Max LevelEdit

The Max Level for all Companions is Level 40.

Attribute of Companion % of Odd of the Normal Hatched Pet at Max Level
Puzzle Pieces + 10 %
Quest Items + 10 %
Nothing - 25 %
Gems + 20 %
Gold + 20 %
Power + 20 %
Mana + 20 %
Fruit + 20 %
Max Energy Capacity + 40 points
Max Mana Capacity + 15 points
Max Power Capacity + 15 points

Also note that special deal companions may have better or different stats than the ones shown in the table.

Premium Pets Stats Modifiers

Pet Attribute Max % Modifier
Turn Nothings into random items (energy, mana, power) 25%
Turn Nothing into Mana 20%-25%
Turn Nothing into Energy 20%-25%
Turn Nothing into Power 25%
Turn Nothing into Powder 15%
Runes 25%
Gold 30%
Mana 25%
Fruit 25%
Less Nothing 25%-30%
Quest items 15%
Puzzle Pieces 15%
Max Mana Capacity + 20 points
Max Power Capacity +15 points
Max Energy Capacity + 40 points
Odd to win Event turn-in items 20 %
Odd to win random bonus dust with a rune 60%

Pet Leveling EnhancersEdit

There are some items that can expedite the leveling process of your pet/companion.

Level 5 Pet Treat, Level 10 Pet Treat, Level 15 Pet Treat, Level 20 Pet Treat Pet Treats

You can use this to level your currently-equipped pet up to LEVEL XX. It as no effect of the pet is already level XX or higher. You must have built the Stables in the Commons to use this. Talk to Hank the Farm Hand to use it.


Daily QuestsEdit

WorkhorseComplete all 12 of Misty's Daily QuestsTitle: "Workhorse"

Hatch CompanionsEdit

Hatch Companions
Hatch Companions
Can I Keep It?Hatch a companion and help it grow.-
Gang Of SixHatch 6 companions and help them grow.-
Army Of LightnessHatch 13 companions and help them grow.Title Unlock: Dr. Hatchesalot!

Level up CompanionEdit

Level up Companion
Level up Companion
Baby StepsLevel a companion to Level 5
Double DigitsLevel a companion to Level 10Title: "Apprentice Trainer"
The Teenage YearsLevel a companion to Level 15
Off to CollegeLevel a companion to Level 20Title: "Professional Trainer"
Makin' a LifeLevel a companion to Level 25
Not Young AnymoreLevel a companion to Level 30Title: "Expert Trainer"
All Grown UpLevel a companion to Level 35
The Big Four-OhLevel a companion to Level 40Title: "Master Trainer"
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Companions · Mounts
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