Quests Satchel

Quester's Satchels are rewards given in certain repeatable daily quests, that contain random bonus rewards. This rewards may be gems, seeds to different plants, gold, runes, and many others. Any satchel given will open right after being given, and the reward will be presented right then.


Gold Gold

Pet eggs (From previous generations, if you do not have that egg in your inventory and do not have at least 2 of that pet among your current companions) Puppy Egg

Large Energy Pack Large Energy Pack

Gems (1 to 4 Citrines Citrine;  2 to 4 Topaz Topaz)

Pristine Runes (10% for 5 days) Pristine Energy Rune

Rare Runes (1 Small Gambler Rune Small Gambler Rune )

Luck Spheres (10%, 30%, or 60%) Glowing Luck Sphere

Pet DNA (Common or Uncommon) Common DNA

Island Token Island Token

Alchemy Token Alchemy Token

Experience XP

Bag of Mana and Bag of Power = 100 manaSmall Mana Potion + 100 powerSmall Power Potion (up to maximum; will not be won if mana or power at maximum)

Bush Bucks (1 or 10) Bush Buck

Character Gear (Cone of Shame, ...)

VIP Voucher

VIP Token

Pet Treats Level 5 Pet Treat or Level 10 Pet Treat or Level 15 Pet Treat or Level 20 Pet Treat

Lucky Rabbit Foot (Natalie Dragon Quest Trophy Item)

Feed (only if you have a Mount) (small, large, or pristine)

Super Blueberry seeds* (amount varies)(45 minutes 50 energy) Super Blueberries "Plant this at your ranch. They're super!" 

(*)Amount of Super Blueberry seeds you get is dependent on character level and is equal to (Lev/10) rounded up. So it means on level 184 you get 19 seeds. Currently there is no known max limit of seeds you can have in inventory, but you will not get super blueberries in a satchel if you already have 25 or more in your inventory.