Scavenged Small Medium Large Pristine Drop Type Crafting Powder
Scavenged Energy Rune
Small Energy Rune
Medium Energy Rune
Large Energy Rune
Pristine Energy Rune
Increases Odds to win Fruit Green Powder
Scavenged Power Rune
Small Power Rune
Medium Power Rune
Large Power Rune
Pristine Power Rune
Increases Odds to win Power Red Powder
Scavenged Mana Rune
Small Mana Rune
Medium Mana Rune
Large Mana Rune
Pristine Mana Rune
Increases Odds to win Mana Blue Powder
Scavenged Gem Rune
Small Gem Rune
Medium Gem Rune
Large Gem Rune
Pristine Gem Rune
Increases Odds to win Gems Purple Powder
Scavenged Gold Rune
Small Gold Rune
Medium Gold Rune
Large Gold Rune
Pristine Gold Rune
Increases Odds to win Gold Yellow Powder

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