Crafted Runes do not occur naturally and can only be crafted in the Alchemy Shop. They cannot be Scavenged, either.

Small Medium Large Drop Type Crafting Powder
Small Void Rune
Medium Void Rune
Large Void Rune
Decreases Odds to win Nothing Black
Small Speed Rune
Medium Speed Rune
Large Speed Rune
Increases Movement Speed White & Light Gray
Max Power
Small Max Power Rune
Medium Max Power Rune
Large Max Power Rune
Increases Max Power Red & Light Gray
Max Mana
Small Max Mana Rune
Medium Max Mana Rune
Large Max Mana Rune
Increases Max Mana Blue & Light Gray
Max Energy
Small Max Energy Rune
Medium Max Energy Rune
Large Max Energy Rune
Increases Max Energy Green & Light Gray
Small Gambler Rune
Medium Gambler Rune
Large Gambler Rune
Randomly increases Energy, Gem, Gold, Mana, Power and Nothing Odds Black, White, Light Gray & Dark Gray
Small Puzzle Rune
Medium Puzzle Rune
Large Puzzle Rune
Increase Odds to win Puzzle Pieces Purple & Light Gray
Quest Items
Small Quest Rune
Medium Quest Rune
Large Quest Rune
Increase Odds to win Quest Items Yellow & Light Gray
Small Shinies Rune
Medium Shinies Rune
Large Shinies Rune
Increase Odds to win Gems and decrease Nothing Purple, Black & White
Small Alchemy Rune
Medium Alchemy Rune
Large Alchemy Rune
Increase Odds to win Gold and decrease Nothing Yellow, Black & White
Small Mystic Rune
Medium Mystic Rune
Large Mystic Rune
Increase Odds to win Mana and decrease Nothing Blue, Black & White
Small Storm Rune
Medium Storm Rune
Large Storm Rune
Increase Odds to win Power and decrease Nothing Red, Black & White
Small Efficiency Rune
Medium Efficiency Rune
Large Efficiency Rune
Increase Odds to win Energy and decrease Nothing Green, Black & White
Mana Void
Small Mana Void Rune
Medium Mana Void Rune
Large Mana Void Rune
Replace some Nothing with Mana Blue, Black & Dark Gray
Power Void
Small Power Void Rune
Medium Power Void Rune
Large Power Void Rune
Replace some Nothing with Power Red, Black & Dark Gray
Energy Void
Small Energy Void Rune
Medium Energy Void Rune
Large Energy Void Rune
Replace some Nothing with Energy Green, Black & Dark Gray
Healthy Eating
Small Healthy Eating Rune
Medium Healthy Eating Rune
Large Healthy Eating Rune
Win Gold when you win Energy Green, Yellow, White & Light Gray Powders
Grand Mana
Small Grand Mana Rune
Medium Grand Mana Rune
Large Grand Mana Rune
Boost Mana Odds  Blue & White
Grand Power
Small Grand Power Rune
Medium Grand Power Rune
Large Grand Power Rune
Boost Power Odds Red & White
Grand Gem
Small Grand Gem Rune
Medium Grand Gem Rune
Large Grand Gem Rune
Boost Gem Odds Purple & White
Grand Energy
Small Grand Energy Rune
Medium Grand Energy Rune
Large Grand Energy Rune
Boost Energy Odds Green & White
Grand Gold
Small Grand Gold Rune
Medium Grand Gold Rune
Large Grand Gold Rune
Boost Gold Odds Yellow & White