Sasha's Party Invitation GuestsEdit

Sasha, the friendly girl in The Commons, would like to build a house! Wouldn't that be fun? Sasha has been a longstanding 'resident' of the Commons, but has decided that she no longer wants to rent and wants to own her own house! Hmm, sounds like a perfect excuse for a party! If you've finished all the other building projects in town (the Statue and Well, most recently,) then find Sasha near the Town Hall to get started. Once you have built the well for Hank, Sasha will start you on this new quest tree! Once the house is done, you can help Sasha throw a big house warming party, too!

After you help Sasha build her house, she decides to throw a party to celebrate: Sasha is throwing a house warming party and everybody is invited. Or rather, they will be once you extend invitations to everybody in town! Well, almost everyone. Maybe don't mention it to the people who weren't invited. That could be an uncomfortable conversation.

You must invite the following 16 people, all found in The Commons:

  • The Town Crier
    Invitation List of Sasha's Party Guests
  • Misty the Stablekeeper
  • Hank the Farmhand
  • Bran the Innkeeper
  • Ellesandra the Alchemist
  • Brock the Mason
  • McDonald the Farmer
  • Wally the Trinketsmith
  • Michael the Trinketeer
  • Negdry the Apprentice (Runesmith)
  • Botho the Blacksmith (Runesmith)
  • Pete the Carney (Clown in the Event Grounds)
  • Amicus Travel Agent
  • Markus the Gem Trader (General Store)
  • Tim the General Store Owner
  • Jim the Lumberjack

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