Wooden Sword
Wooden Sword The only sword you managed to cling to after the crash.Standard equip
Rusty Sword
Rusty Sword A Rusty Short Sword. Still effective at whacking bushes, though.Secret Bonus Area 1 of The Mysterious Forest
Shiny Sword
Shiny Sword A Shiny Short Sword. It sparkles!Secret Bonus Area 3 of The Shady Forest
Fishing Pole Sword
Fishing Pole Sword It has a serrated edge for whacking withFishing Spot in The Windy Crest
Magnifying Glass Sword
Magnifying Glass Sword Careful not to break it!Secret Bonus Area 5 of The Windy Crest
Shovel Sword
Shovel Sword A shovel is a tool for digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials.The Old Mountain
Rock Sword
Rock Sword Rock On!The Rocky Decline
Desert Sword
Desert Sword For cutting cakes.The Dusty Loop
Mini-Golf Putter
Mini-Golf Putter For those days you just want to putt-putt around.Secret Bonus Area 8 of The Dusty Loop
Blue Sword
Blue Sword It's blue like mana, but it has no magical properties of any sort.Upper Evergreen Forest
Mossy Sword
Mossy Sword It looks kind of old.The Deep Swamp
Wavy Sword
Wavy Sword It might be a little bent.Secret Bonus Area 14 of The Western Swamp
Uncursed Sword
Uncursed Sword It's not cursed!The Witch Doctor's Retreat
Long Sword
Long Sword For out of reach bushes.The Base Camp
Hockey Stick
Hockey Stick It's a hockey stickSecret Bonus Area 17 of The Base Camp
Ski Pole Sword
Ski Pole Sword For skiing!Secret Bonus Area 19 of The Mountain Peak
Fish Sword
Fish Sword Not to be mistaken for a swordfish.Fishing Spot in The Terrifying Traverse
Ice Wizard's Sceptre
Ice Wizard's Sceptre Caution : May melt in warm temperatures.The Ice Cave
Mystical Staff
Mystical Staff It's mystical!The Dusky Woods
Ghostly Sword
Ghostly Sword 100% Ectoplasm!The Creepy Crevice
Shell Sword
Shell Sword She sells shell swords by the sea shore.Secret Bonus Area 27 of Feeshi Island
Palm Sword
Palm Sword Fight nature with nature!Upper Juau Island
Awesome Scimitar
Awesome Scimitar Better than the normal Scimitar.The Crumbling Palace
Sand Key Sword
Sand Key Sword Unfortunately, it doesn't open locks.Agrabush Prison
Protest Sign
Protest Sign Whack bushes in protest.Secret Bonus Area 34 in The Jungle Outskirts
Machete Made for whacking jungle bushes.The Jungle Temple
Unlit Torch
Unlit Torch It won't light-up much. Better light it up!The Mystery of the Creepy Tower
Dwarven Axe
Dwarven Axe A mighty axe!The Crystal Mine Entrance
Lava Pickaxe
Lava Pickaxe Forged in a fiery pool of lava!Lava Fishing Spotin The Molten Core
Lance For jousting!Secret Bonus Area 43 in The Castle Interior
Flashlight Sword
Flashlight Sword Illuminating bushes does not reveal what is hiding inside.Nate's Adventures- Nate's Castle Adventure
Icicle Sword
Icicle Sword An Icicle Sword of coldness."Secret_Bonus_Area_62" of The Winter Wonderland

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