Spring Sword
Spring Sword Its handle is hewn from a rose thornSpring Event 2012
Balloon Sword
Balloon Sword Slightly SqueakySummer Carnival 2012
Junior Bush Whacker's Sword
Junior Bush Whacker's Sword It's super awesome !Junior Bush Whackers Event 2012
Broom Excellent for sweeping and witchcraft!Halloween Event 2012
Autumn Sword
Autumn Sword It has leaves!Thanksgiving 2012
Candy Cane Sword
Candy Cane Sword Eat at your own risk.Christmas Event 2012
Valentine's Sword
Valentine's Sword Can be used to LITERALLY break hearts (Warning: do not use it in that way)Valentine's Event 2013
St. Patrick's Club
St. Patrick's Club It's a wooden club, not a place Leprechauns go to unwindSaint Patrick's Event 2013
Chocolate Sword
Chocolate Sword We recommend you not eat this if you've whacking strange things with it.Easter Event 2013
Spring Rake
Spring Rake Don't whack the bushes, cultivate them.Spring Event 2013
Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat Best for knocking bushes in the upper deck.Sports Event 2013
American Sword
American Sword Whack bushes with the power of America.Patriot Event 2013
Canadian Sword
Canadian Sword Whack bushes and apologize afterwards.Patriot Event 2013
Cotton Candy Sword
Cotton Candy Sword Fuel your whacking with sugar!Summer Carnival 2013
Noodle Sword
Noodle Sword We Not the best bush-whacking sword. But a jolly good time in the pool.Dog Days of Summer 2013
Cardboard Sword
Cardboard Sword A young bush whacker's first sword !Junior Bush Whackers Event 2013
Scythe For reaping!Halloween Event 2013
Pumpkin Carver
Pumpkin Carver Drips pumpkin guts!Halloween Event 2013 Package Deal
Witches Wand
Witches Wand Sparkle magically!Halloween Event 2013 Package Deal
Ornate Silver Dagger
Ornate Silver Dagger Shines brightly!Halloween Event 2013 Package Deal
Turkey Leg Sword
Turkey Leg Sword Just make sure it's cooled before use.Thanksgiving 2013
Christmas Sword
Christmas Sword Lights, candy cane, holly..? All on one festive sword!Christmas Event 2013
Nate Sword
Nate Sword It's Nate's Sword! Part of the Nate Set!Nate's Birthday 2014
Rose Sword
Rose Sword A sword by any other name should cut as deepValentine's Event 2014
Pot of Gold Sword
Pot of Gold Sword It's lucky and colorful!Saint Patrick's Day Event 2014
Vuvuzela Honk and hoot your team to victory with this plastic sports horn.Summer Sports Event 2014
Statue of Liberty Sceptre
Statue of Liberty Sceptre Show your patriotism with the torch that burns for liberty!Patriot Event 2014

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