Name Description Cost Location
Epic Crystal Sword
Epic Crystal Sword This sword can cut even the most dense bush.25 Bush Buck or 100 Island TokenThe Commons or Amicus Isle
Epic Stone Sword
Epic Stone Sword Even though this sword is made of stone, it's as sharp as a diamond.25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Epic Laser Sword
Epic Laser Sword Wwwwwaammm Wwwwwoooommm25 Bush BuckThe Commons
Samurai Sword
Samurai Sword Forged by Hattori Hanzo himself.1 DiamondAmicus Isle
Nature Sword
Nature Sword This sword is litteraly dripping whith naturey goodness!75 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Chainsaw Cuts down bushes like they were trees.75 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Fire Sword
Fire Sword A flaming sword. Careful not to burn your fingers!100 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Love Sword
Love Sword You love the bushes you whack so much...100 Bush BuckAmicus Isle
Martini Sword
Martini Sword It is always happy hour when you have your trusty Martini Sword!20 Casino TokenAmicus Isle
Sonic Screwdriver ?10 Template:Flux DustFlux Store

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