The Agaric Mire

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This is the site of the Kaine Adventure, The Mystery of the Mushroom Malady!.

From the in-game news item: Trees don't just turn into Mushrooms overnight! Something must have caused the mysterious curse that overcame the Fungal Forest, and if something caused it then something must be able to reverse it! Investigator Kaine is on the case!

The official Codename blog for this adventure is here.


Mission Task Reward
Meet Investigator Kaine Meet Kaine in the Mushroom Core (none)
Meet Investigator Kaine at the village in the Mushroom Core zone.
Cauldron Conundrum Solve the Puzzle to find the cauldron 2%LevelledXP
Solve the puzzle to find the missing research cauldron.
Beakers Find 18 Beakers 2%LevelledXP
Find some beakers in bushes. You're gonna need beakers.
Across the Mire Solve the Puzzle to reveal a bridge 2%LevelledXP
Solve the puzzle to reveal a bridge across the mire.
Blue Mushrooms Find 30 Blue Mushrooms 2%LevelledXP
Find some blue mushrooms. You're gonna need blue mushrooms.
Into the Deep Solve the Puzzle to clear the path 2%LevelledXP
Solve the puzzle to reveal a path further into the mire.
Red Mushrooms Find 30 Red Mushrooms 2%LevelledXP
Find some red mushrooms. Red mushrooms are definitely going to be required.
Try It Out Place some Blue Mushrooms into the Cauldron
Place some Red Mushrooms into the Cauldron
Test the potion on the testing shroom
Create a potion using the blue and red mushrooms and then test it on the mushrooms.
Green Mushrooms Find 30 Green Mushrooms 2%LevelledXP
Find some green mushrooms. Those red and blue ones just exploded.
Try Try Again Place some Blue Mushrooms into the Cauldron
Place some Red Mushrooms into the Cauldron
Place some Green Mushrooms into the Cauldron
Try some different combinations of mushrooms until you find a cure.
Cured! Talk to Kaine 6%LevelledXP · 4Large Energy Pack · Overalls · Mushroom House
Use the cure on the brave Mushroom Man and see what happens.

You also get the title "Botonist"(sic) and an Achievement for completing the quests.


  • Puzzle 1: 56 Puzzle Piece · Cauldron Conundrum
  • Puzzle 2: 56 Puzzle Piece · Across the Mire
  • Puzzle 3: 56 Puzzle Piece · Into the Deep


Name Description
Overalls You can use this as a shirt! Use the Character Customization dialog to equip it.
Mushroom House
Mushroom House A Mushroom House for tiny Mushroom People.


Circle spoiler alert
Spoiler: The order that you put the mushrooms into the cauldron should be...

Red, Green, and Blue (the colors in the quest icon have the same order).


Fungal SleuthHelp Investigator Kaine solve the Mystery of the Mushroom Malady