Flux 10.0Edit

Name Description
Golden Chalice Flux Golden Chalice (rare) Increases your Gold Odds Rating by 5320
King's Bust Flux King's Bust (rare) Increases your Power Odds Rating by 5740
Ghostly Cornucopia Flux Ghostly Cornucopia (rare) Increases your Less Nothings Odds Rating by 5740
Silken Slippers Flux Silken Slippers (rare) Increases your Movement Speed by 105%
Archmage's Wand Flux Archmage's Wand (uncommon) Increases your Mana Odds Rating by 5400
Treasury Scroll Flux Treasury Scroll (uncommon) Increases your Gem Odds Rating by 5400
Bloodmage's Necklace Flux Bloodmage's Necklace (uncommon) Increases your Maximum Energy by 120
Chef's Knife Flux Chef's Knife (uncommon) Increases your Energy Odds Rating by 6000

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