Flux 14.0Edit

Name Description
File:Groundhog Paw.svg Flux Groundhog Paw (Rare) Increases your Energy Odds Rating by 38500 
File:Summer Statue.svg Flux Summer Statue (Rare) Increases your Power Odds Rating by 42000
File:Sunlight-filled Jewel.svg Flux Sunlight-filled Jewel (Rare) Increases your Gem Odds Rating by 42000
File:Autumn Wand.svg Flux Autumn Wand (Rare) Increases your Mana Odds Rating by 49000
File:Golden Maple Leaf.svg Flux Golden Maple Leaf (Uncommon) Increases your Gold Odds Rating by 42000
File:Decaying Magnifying Glass.svg Flux Decaying Magnifying Glass (Uncommon) Increases your Puzzle Piece Odds Rating by 21000
Icy Dowsing Rod Flux Icy Dowsing Rod (Uncommon) Increases your Quest Item Odds Rating by 24000
Frozen Cornucopia Flux Frozen Cornucopia (Uncommon) Increases your Less Nothings Odds Rating by 48000

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