Flux 17.0Edit

Name Description
File:Frozen Magifying Glass.svg Flux Frozen Magnifying Glass (Rare) Increases your Puzzle Piece Odds Rating by 112000
File:Elemental Dowsing Rod.svg Flux Elemental Dowsing Rod (Rare) Increases your Quest Items Odds Rating by 126000
File:Lost Explorer Bracelet.svg Flux Lost Explorer Bracelet (Uncommon) Increases your Max Mana by 40
File:Ancient Stone Wand.svg Flux Ancient Stone Wand (Rare) Increases your Mana Odds Rating by 189000
File:Ancient Metal Ring.svg Flux Ancient Metal Ring (Uncommon) Increases your Max Power by 40
File:Rock-Filled Cornucopia.svg Flux Rock-Filled Cornucopia (Rare) Increases your Less Nothings Odds Rating by 168000
File:Basalt Jewel.svg Flux Basalt Jewel (Uncommon) Increases your Gem Odds Rating by 180000
File:Chilled Diamond Necklace.svg Flux Chilled Diamond Necklace (Uncommon) Increases your Max Energy by 210

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