The Flux Store Banner

The Flux Store was created on November 21st, 2014 as part of the Flux Remix. It is, unsurprisingly, a store in The Flux. There, you can trade complete sets of Flux items for 8 flux dust (Flux Dust). You can also buy the following items:

(Note: There is a 2nd Store in the Flux named the Very Expensive Item Store which has its own page.)

Name DescriptionCost
Flux Cape
Flux Cape Perfect Flux Camoflage.10Flux Dust
Super Cape
Super Cape Feel super in this super cape!10Flux Dust
Hot Pink Glasses
Hot Pink Glasses They're super10Flux Dust
Claw Gloves
Claw Gloves Sharp and swift claws!10Flux Dust
Sonic Screwdriver Sword
Sonic Screwdriver Sword The perfect travelling tool!10Flux Dust
Frog Hat
Frog Hat Ribbit!10Flux Dust
Flux Tile
Flux Tile Turn your ranch into your very own Flux!10Flux Dust
Glitch Zorb Plorp Blizzle Skkkkttz
Increases Odds to win Nothing 0.75%. Wait... increases?! That's gotta be a glitch.
25Flux Dust
10,000 Gold
10,000 Gold The old prize from a completed Flux1Flux Dust
Super Trinket
Super Trinket -5% Nothings. Very upgradeable.8Flux Dust

The Super Trinket has its own page.