The Frozen Peak

Note: See The Spine of the World Comments section for more Hints & Tips

Quests Edit

Mission Task Reward
The Spine of the World Enter the Frozen Peak
Complete the Frozen Peak
Gold 20x Level · 2%LevelledXP
According to the Red Man's brainwashed agent, the Red Man is attempting to sail to the southern continent. Lacking a boat yourself, the only way there will be via the icy and dangerous path across the Spine of the World. Make your way through the Explorer's Camp, the Path Through the Mountain, and the Frozen Peak to the Cliffs of Korak.
Mission Task Reward
Jelly Beans for Jade Find 20 Jelly Beans Gold 20x Level · 2%LevelledXP
Jade in the Frozen Peak would like you to find them some Jelly Beans. Jelly Beans can only be found in the Frozen Peak .
Yarn for Lizzy Find 20 Yarn Gold 20x Level · 2%LevelledXP
Lizzy in the frozen peak would like you to find them some Yarn. Yarn can only be found in the frozen peak.
Shamrocks for Shelagh Find 20 Shamrocks Gold 20x Level · 2%LevelledXP
Shelagh in the Frozen Peak would like you to find them some Shamrocks. Shamrocks can only be found in the Frozen Peak.
Rules for Rochester Find 20 Rules Gold 20x Level · 2%LevelledXP
Rochester in the Frozen Peak would like you to find them some Game Rules. Rules can only be found in the Frozen Peak.

Puzzles Edit

Trinkets Edit

Gear Edit

Name Description
Climbing Goggles Goggles for climbing!
Quilted Gloves Quilted gloves to go with a qulted cape!
Snow Shovel A snow shovel for cleaning up your driveway!

Decoration Items Edit

Name Description
Snow Sculpture Won first place in the literal category of last year's Snow Sculpture competition.
Snowflake Painting Some lovely abstract art.Milk Bottle
Drink milk! {{{desc3}}}

Critters Edit

Secret Bonus Area Edit

Circle spoiler alert
Spoiler: Secret Bonus Area 74 can only be accessed by felling a tree east of Field 3.

There are several axes hidden around the area. Collect each and use them on the pine tree northeast of Field 3. Eventually the tree will fall and you can walk across to access the area.

The puzzle here has 100 pieces.  Reward: Ruins Archway Mini Golf Piece

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