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Locations: The Jungle Temple and The Jungle Island
Prerequisite: Complete The Mystery of the Evil Hat and complete the second puzzle of the third field in The Jungle Temple.

Our intrepid Inspector has been asked to solve a mystery in the depths of the Jungle Zone, and find a missing heir so that they can claim their rightful family inheritance. Of course, it's never quite that simple if Kaine is asked to get involved!

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Rewards given here are for players at max level. Players below max level may receive XP instead of gold. Please leave a comment if you know exactly what these players get.

Mission Task Reward
The Mystery of the Missing Heir Meet Kaine in the Jungle Temple none
Meet Kaine in the northeast corner of the Jungle Temple
Trail Rations Find 20 Boxes of Rations Gold 10x Level
Find 20 Boxes of Rations. Rations can be found in fields in The Jungle Island.
Grapple with the Problem Complete the nearest puzzle to find clues Gold 10x Level
Find a way around the venus fly trap. Clues to get around it can be found by searching in The Jungle Island, after completing the nearest field.
Lay of the Land Seach for evidence of human habitation Gold 10x Level
Seach for evidence of human inhabitants around the clearing on The Jungle Island
The Escaped Ape Complete the puzzle near Zartans camp Gold 10x Level
Clear the northernmost field on The Jungle Island to find the missing Ape.
Great Ape Juice Find 30 Berries for the gorillas Gold 10x Level
Branch Management Find 25 Branches to build a ladder Gold 10x Level
Find 20 Branches to help Kaine build a ladder. Branches can be found in bushes in the south eastern field on The Jungle Island, nearest to Kaine.
Clay Family Ship Complete the puzzle near the crashed ship Gold 10x Level
Complete the field closest to the beached ship, then search for evidence of Zartan's parents on The Jungle Island.
The Clay Family Pages Find all 40 Pages of the Clay Family Will 130×LevelGold · Old Spear · Zartan Family Crest
Find 40 Pages of the Clay family will. The pages can be found by whacking bushes on The Jungle Island.


  • Field 1, Puzzle 1: 42Puzzle Piece
  • Field 2, Puzzle 1: 42Puzzle Piece
  • Field 3, Puzzle 1: 42Puzzle Piece


Name Description
Old Spear
Old Spear Jungle boogy with the Spear of Zartan! Dancing bushes won't stand a chance.
Zartan Family Crest
Zartan Family Crest A crest crafted by Zartan's ape friends. Pretty good craftapeship, if you ask me.


Circle spoiler alert
Spoiler: In addition to the usual bushwhacking, you're sometimes required to find objects and click on them

Grapple with the Problem: A grappling hook can be found to the lower right of the field (see the puzzle you just solved). A coil of vine-rope can be found far to the left.

Lay of the Land: There are three items you need to click on. They're outlined in blue in the picture at the top of this page.

Clay Family Ship: Click on the pile of clothes near Kaine, and the boulder below and to the right of Field 3.