The Mer-Palace Grounds

Locations: Mermaid City, The Mer-Palace Grounds

Prerequisite: Complete the Mystery of the Restless Ghosts, and finish the first puzzle in the second field of the Mermaid City.

Investigator Kaine's latest mystery takes him (and you) underwater, to a place few outsiders are allowed. Can you deduce who stole the infamous Mer-Booty before it's too late?

The official Codename blog for this adventure is here.


Mission Task Reward
Meet Kaine Underwater Meet Kain in the Mermaid City none
Meet Investigator Kaine in the Mermaid City.
Mission Task Reward
The Mystery of the Stolen Mer-Booty Wake up Gary
Find Marsha
Find Lucy
Find Henrik and Sarah
Find Jared
Determine the Lying Suspects
Solve the Puzzle in the Kelpy Field
Someone has stolen the Royal Mermaid Booty! Track down all the witnesses and interrogate them to figure out whodunnit.
Wake up Gary Find 80 Underwater Smelling Salts
Wake up Gary
Wake up Gary the Mermaid by collecting Underwater Smelling Salts in any of the fields in the Mer-Palace Grounds
Find Jared Solve the Puzzle in the Ruinous Field 2%LevelledXP
Find Jared the Mermaid by solving the Ruinous field's puzzle in the Mer-Palace Grounds
Find Henrik and Sarah Solve the Puzzle in the Rocky Field
Round up Henrik and Sarah
Find Henrik and Sarah the Mermaids by solving the Rocky field's puzzle in the Mer-Palace Grounds
Find Lucy Solve the Puzzle in the Kelpy Field
Round up Lucy
Find Lucy the Mermaid by solving the Kelpy field's puzzle in the Mer-Palace Grounds
Find Marsha Solve the Puzzle in the Shelly Field 2%LevelledXP
Find Marsha the Mermaid by solving the Shelly field's puzzle in the Mer-Palace Grounds
Recovering the Stolen Booty Solve the Puzzle in the Kelpy Field
Recover the Stolen Booty
Return to Kaine
Gold 25x Level · Imitation Mer-Booty · 4Large Energy Pack · 2Jade
Recover the stolen Booty from its hiding place in the Mer-Palace Grounds and return it to the King and Queen of the Mermaids.


  • Field 1, Puzzle 1: 56Puzzle Piece · Ruinous (Upper Left)
  • Field 2, Puzzle 1: 56Puzzle Piece · Rocky (Upper right)
  • Field 3, Puzzle 1: 56Puzzle Piece · Kelpy (Lower Right)
  • Field 4, Puzzle 1: 56Puzzle Piece · Shelly (Lower Left)
  • Field 5, Puzzle 1: 56Puzzle Piece · Same field as Field 3


Name Description
Imitation Mer-Booty
Imitation Mer-Booty It's entirely plastic, but it certainly looks real enough.


Circle spoiler alert
Spoiler: The hard part is figuring out who's lying...

Fortunately, if you arrange the characters incorrectly, Kaine will usually give a clue about what you did wrong. Unfortunately, there's a bug where he sometimes gives a clue about a suspect being in the wrong place when he's in the right place. But if you start out by calling everybody a liar, you should eventually get it right.
Circle spoiler alert
Spoiler: If you're really stuck, and just want to get it done...

Sarah(blond and has a green tail), Gary(holding trident, and has a brown tail), and Lucy(blond and has a red tail) are the liars.

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