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Mission Task Reward
Head In(to) the Clouds Climb the Beanstalk to enter Cloudland
Make your way to the Cloud Castle
Swiss Army Knife · Gold 10x Level · 20%LevelledXP
Find a way up into cloudland and then adventure through them to find the Cloud King and see if he's got anything to do with the weirdness in the Fungal Forest and Seasonal Forest.
Mission Task Reward
Umbrellas for Umbridge Find 20 Umbrellas Gold 10x Level · 2%LevelledXP
Umbridge can feel a change in the weather coming. Find her some Umbrellas before it's too late.
Cloud Herbs for Rosa Find 20 Cloud Herbs Gold 10x Level · 2%LevelledXP
Rosa is looking for some specific herbs that only grow in the clouds. Better get whacking.
Forecasts for Frankie Find 20 Weather Forecasts Gold 10x Level · 2%LevelledXP
Frankie thinks there's something unnatural going on with the weather. Find him some Forecasts to see what's what.
Cloud Rope for Rhonda Find 20 Cloud Ropes Gold 10x Level · 2%LevelledXP
Rhonda is afraid some of her clouds are floating away. Find her some rope in order to tie them down.


  • Field 1, Puzzle 1: 36 Puzzle Piece
  • Field 1, Puzzle 2: 36 Puzzle Piece
  • Field 1, Puzzle 3: 36 Puzzle Piece · Access to Field 2, Cloud Herbs for Rosa quest
  • Field 2, Puzzle 1: 36 Puzzle Piece · Barrier to Field 3
  • Field 2, Puzzle 2: 36 Puzzle Piece
  • Field 2, Puzzle 3: 36 Puzzle Piece · Glowing Bracelet Schematic · 1000Gold
  • Field 3, Puzzle 1: 36 Puzzle Piece · Unlocks Forecasts for Frankie quest
  • Field 3, Puzzle 2: 36 Puzzle Piece · Access to Field 4, Cloud Ropes for Rhonda quest
  • Field 3, Puzzle 3: 36 Puzzle Piece
  • Field 4, Puzzle 1: 36 Puzzle Piece
  • Field 4, Puzzle 2: 36 Puzzle Piece
  • Field 4, Puzzle 3: 36 Puzzle Piece

Note: In field 2, you can click on the spiderweb and get friends to help you get rid of it even before completing puzzle 1.


Name Description
Golden Raindrop
Golden Raindrop Increases your Gold Odds Rating by 57500
Store after reaching The Nimbus Village
50,000 Gold, 26 Jade
Captured Lightning Jewel
Captured Lightning Jewel Increases your Gem Odds Rating by 57500
Store after reaching The Nimbus Village
50,000 Gold, 26 Jade
Glowing Bracelet
Glowing Bracelet Increases your Maximum Mana by 30
Chest schematic Field 2 - Puzzle 3 in The Nimbus Village
Crafted - 7 Polish + 6 Small Crystal + 6 Pure Mana + 7 Pure Gold


Name Description
Cloud Hat
Cloud Hat It's like wearing a pillow.
Wind Cape
Wind Cape Wind at your back!
Big Cloud Sword
Big Cloud Sword A different sort of cloud sword.

Decoration ItemsEdit

Name Description
Iron Finally get those wrinkles out of your capes.
Cloud Gnome
Cloud Gnome Decorate your cloud garden.
Cloud Chair
Cloud Chair Kind of a gag gift.

Secret Bonus AreaEdit

SBA 64 Location

Take the following steps to get to Secret Area 64:

  1. First solve puzzle 2 of Field 4.
  2. Stand where the wind is blowing (in the lower right section of the map). The wind should blow you to another cloud, with three uncovered sections. If it doesn't, try moving down.
  3. Here's the tricky part: You need to get to the leftmost part of the cloud. Click on that part repeatedly. It will move while you're clicking, so you might not get it the first few times.
  4. Move down to a cloud on the bottom of the map, and move further down from there.

The puzzle for this area has 100Puzzle Piece, giving 1000Gold and the Cloudland Mini Golf Piece as a reward:

Name Description
Cloudland Mini Golf Piece
Cloudland Mini Golf Piece Oh bother, what a blustery day!