Island 7
Put on your parka. It's going to be chilly.

-Official Codename Blog-

This new content was released on September 2, 2016 

Hey there whackers! It has been a while, but we've got a whole new whack of content available for you max level players in the Infected Plains! Talk to Officer Ollie in Sanctuary Village to start your journey towards... THE SPINE OF THE WORLD! You must have completed the Sanctuary Village quests up to "Interrogation Nation" to get the new quest. Five new content zones await your well-honed bush whacking skills. This update has increased the level cap to 370, and there's a slew of new stuff to do and secrets to unlock in the new area. Happy whacking!

The Treacherous Ascent

The Explorer's Camp

The Path Through the Mountain

The Frozen Peak

The Cliffs of Korak

Plateau Ruins - Nate's Ancient Vault Raid

Crystal Caverns - Kaine's Crystal Cavern Conundrum