The Verdant Undergrowth


The Wild Wig Part 4

The Princess is looking for a legendary wig for her next costume, which has been broken into pieces hidden throughout the High Jungle.  Sounds pretty harmless!  Search for the fourth piece in The Verdant Undergrowth.

Mission Task Reward
Tears for Tayte Find 20 Elephant Tears Gold 10x Level · 2% Level XP
Find Elephant Tears for Tayte in the Verdant Undergrowth
Buggy Paint for Pete Find 20 Buggy Paints Gold 10x Level · 2% Level XP
Pete wants to paint another statue, in the Verdant Undergrowth. You'd better find him some more paint and see what he comes up with this time!  
Pipes for Pippa Find 20 Blow Pipess Gold 10x Level · 2% Level XP
Find Blow Pipes for Pippa in the Verdant Undergrowth
Banana Phones for Bagheera Find 20 Banana Phones Gold 10x Level · 2% Level XP
Find Banana Phones for Bagheera in the Verdant Undergrowth

Puzzles Edit

Trinkets Edit

Gear Edit

Name Description
Tiger Hat Hope those teeth aren't too sharp!
Tiger gloves The softest paws in the jungle!
Tiger Cape Time to show off those stripes!)

Decoration Items Edit

Name Description
Potted Rafflesia Hang A somewhat gloomy looking flower.
Hunter Alien Poster Get to the chopper!!!!
Potted Pitcher Plants Carnivorous pitcher-shaped plants.

Critters Edit

Secret Bonus Area Edit

Circle spoiler alert
Spoiler: Secret Bonus Area 79 can be reached via the secret entrance in The Verdant Undergrowth after completing the "Stuck in Quicksand" Quest.

Find a Prickly Vine Rope ( Field 4 (south of exit gate) after puzzle 3, and bring it to the explorer who is stuck in quick sand.

Give the Explorer Cushy Gloves (found near palm tree North of field 3)

Give the Explorer Flippers (talk to Jungle Boy north of field 4)

Entry to SBA 79 is north of field 3 (near giant red flower)

The puzzle here has 100 Puzzle Piece. The reward is Gold and the Hippo Mini Golf Piece.

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