The Yoli Tzontli Altar


A Wiggy Inveigling

You survived the Red Man's boulder trap and freed the princess but the Red Man has escaped! Speak with the Cihtli in the The Cera Altepetl Boundary for guidance.

Mission Task Reward
A Wiggy Boulder-Dashery Outrun the Boulder and Save the princess Gold 10x Level · 2% Level XP

Helpful Hints: To outrun the boulder, equip your best Speed Trinkets, and use the Shortcut Paths in the Maze. Although not necessary, try dismounting your Mount and un-equipping your Companion. Players also have the option to use Bush Bucks to finish the quest.

After you complete your mission, you are rewarded with the Pocket Piranha Trinket (Increases your Mana, Power, and Less than Nothing Odds ratings by 230000)

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