Codename introduced the VIP program on August 22, 2014.

For Complete VIP Membership details, visit The Official Codename Blog here

Note: The information on this page focuses mainly on the VIP Exclusive Store.


VIP Exclusive Store:

§         Custom luxury items for player and ranch including Mini golf piece and a new farming item, the Seed Spreader: can be used to instantly plant all available plots with a selected seed

§             4 unique pets

§             Each item costs 5 VIP Token

In a Nutshell:

§             Each Custom Luxury Item, and Pet in the VIP Exclusive Store has a cost of  5 VIP Tokens

§          To purchase items and Pets from the VIP Store you must first activate 30 days of VIP time at a cost of  $10.  This will give you 3 "free" VIP tokens. 

§             To "earn" the additional tokens needed for purchases from the VIP Store, you will have to purchase Bush Bucks.

Purchasing Bush Bucks

§             100 BB @ $10 "earns" 2 tokens

§             288 BB @ $25 "earns" 5 tokens

§             625 BB @ $50 "earn" 11 tokens

§             1300 BB @ $100 "earns" 22 tokens


Side Note: Buff Powers cost 1 VIP Token;  The "Wheel of Fun" costs 1 Token per spin

  • You will occasionally find VIP Vouchers in Quester's Satchels that will let you activate a limited selection of VIP Powers.  You may also find a VIP Token (rare), but the VIP token can only be used if you have an active membership.


Name Description
Boat Pond Golf Piece VIP Token
Seed Spreader
Seed Spreader (Plant all available plots with a selected seed) VIP Token
Fountain VIP Token
Tire Swing
Tire Swing VIP Token
Golden Statue
Golden Statue VIP Token
Hydra VIP Token
Owl VIP Token
Plaidypus VIP Token
Fire Sprite

Fire Sprite

VIP Token
Bush Cape
Bush Cape VIP Token
Bush Glasses
Bush Glasses VIP Token
Bush Sword
Bush Sword VIP Token
Bush Afro
Bush Afro VIP Token

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